Amazon Advertising is Changing the Product Search Ecosystem

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Why Amazon Platform is Becoming More Important 

The digital consumer behavior is ever changing. In 2018 Amazon reached dominance and switched places with Google for online product search. In 2018 54% of the product searches were started on Amazon and the rest 46% on Google, which is the opposite of 2015, with Google then dominating at 54% and Amazon at 46% (Jumpshot, 2018). 

Amazon Demand Side Platform is Amazon’s programmatic marketing solution that allows advertisers to get more qualified leads by using the open ad exchanges on Amazon owned platforms. By running sophisticated analysis on consumers shopping behavior, including purchase histories, product search, page visits without purchase and more, Amazon predicts certain customers to be located lower down the funnel, who obtain the highest likeability to convert. In addition to this specific targeting, Amazon DSP also allows to move consumers away from their platform directly to the advertisers site. 

In September 2019, Amazon introduced its Sponsored Display Advertising functionality to retarget Amazon consumers who searched for products without purchasing, thus nudging those consumers to convert. 

Our expert advice 

Amazon is challenging the digital marketing duopoly between Google and Facebook and advertisers should be aware of this shift. It is recommended for advertisers and businesses to reevaluate the options that Amazon platform is offering to reach their target audience as search behavior is shifting towards Amazon. Our Amazon marketing agency in the UK is seeing more and more of our clients adapting to these customer behavior shifts and expanding their market reach by selling their products on Amazon. GAE agency has successfully tested Amazon’s new remarketing feature and helped our clients increase revenues on the platform.

If you’re looking to expand into this new channel or improve your Amazon performance reach out via our contact form for a free initial Amazon Marketing Services consultation.

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