Welcome Anna, Britt, and Kendall to GA Agency as Junior Digital Marketing Specialists

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We are glad to announce that Anna Petraglia, Britt Kuipers, and Kendall Combes Scarpa have joined GA Agency as Junior Digital Marketing Specialists. They will be actively supporting our team!

A few words from our new joiners below.  


“There is a German proverb saying: “Once does not count”. Since I was a child, I firmly believed that when you set yourself a goal, no matter how hard it may seem or how many times you may have to try, you will finally succeed if that is what you genuinely desire. This motto brought me to GA Agency after completing my Master’s in Management of the Creative Industries at Bocconi University. My truly Italian education rooted in me a deep passion for beauty in each of its forms: arts, heritage, music, theatre, cinema, fashion, design. So, while singing and acting from time to time, I developed managerial skills to face the challenges of these sectors, which I look forward to handling working at GA Agency.”

Anna has currently joined projects in travel and fashion industries.


“My experience from Marketing Management Master at Rotterdam School of Management greatly paved the way for me to become a Junior Digital Marketing at GA Agency. I also have gained prior experience in the art sector whilst studying at art school and working as an illustrator. Both of which enabled me to work on graphic design and internal marketing activities and inspired me to think outside the box. Regarding hobbies and interests, I am passionate about exploring creative industries, especially travel and fashion photography. This also sparked my motivation to practice fashion photography in my free time.

I am looking forward to challenging the digital boundaries at GA Agency.”

Britt has been actively involved in our agency’s marketing and branding, as well as in business development and client projects. 


“I look forward to this new role for the opportunity to add value and learn. Before joining GA Agency, I studied Management of Creative Industries at Bocconi and worked in digital consulting. These experiences have drawn and inspired me to work in digital marketing and allowed me to learn more about the applications of digital competencies to enhance business performance. In my spare time, I love to go to art exhibitions and coffee with friends, to enjoy the best of Milan!”

Kendall has been working on several fashion industry brand projects. 

Congratulations and welcome to our team Anna, Britt, and Kendall!

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