ANTI-DO-TO New Client Announcement

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GA Agency Announces a New Collaboration with ANTI-DO-TO, the Activist Change-to-Wear brand.

GA Agency, the boutique digital marketing agency, is delighted to announce a collaboration with ANTI-DO-TO on SEO Consulting and Google Ads services.

The aim of the collaboration is to help the ANTI-DO-TO brand improve its organic search visibility, increase brand awareness and conversions globally through the network reach of Google ads and Google search.

In 2020, ANTI-DO-TO launched as an activist brand that aims to create and inspire change through concrete action that goes beyond offering a core fashion collection and a forthcoming series of collaborations with designers, creatives, collectives and other like-minded brands.

In keeping with its activist purpose, every season ANTI-DO-TO allocates 50% of its net profits to support the development of projects that support the four themes at the brand’s core:

  1. Mental and physical well-being,
  2. Inclusion,
  3. The community and
  4. The planet.

This is because the organization’s goal is dedicated to prioritizing positive impact projects that benefit society and the environment over merely generating profits.

In order to foster inclusivity within the fashion industry, everything is cut in fluid, comfortable silhouettes, adapting to different body shapes. Furthermore, all products are made from sustainable materials such as GOTS organic cotton, recycled GRS fibers or upcycled leftovers. By purchasing ANTI-DO-TO’s essential wardrobe, such as unisex hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, long-sleeves, sweatpants, baseball caps and beanies, consumers are supporting the social impact projects and “wearing the change”.

Guido Ampollini, the Head of Performance of GA Agency, says: “We are excited to work with this new cool, sustainable, philanthropic activist change-to-wear brand. We believe in and are passionate about ANTI-DO-TO’s mission and aim to do our best to help spread their message and product globally.”

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