CHILI INFLUENCER MARKETING CASE STUDY: Increasing International Brand Awareness To +2.5 Million Reach

CHILI, founded in 2012 in Italy, delivers trending movies on-demand streaming services where watchers pay per view for first distribution of new digital releases. CHILI offers thousands of digital films, tv shows, DVDs, and Blu Rays.

1. Goals

GA Agency and CHILI have been working together since 2017. The hot new movies-on-demand service from Italy was expanding its presence and brand awareness in the U.K.  One of the key elements of the wider strategy was using Influencer Marketing to increase awareness and also helped with user generated content that was later used in their own channels, showing the latest movies available. 

To achieve their goal, CHILI partnered with GA Agency. Over the time period of 5 months, GA Agency worked on selecting committed and authentic micro, mid and macro influencers that could organically form a minimum of 400K reach per campaign.

2. Our Approach

Influencers with artistic profiles were selected and asked to dress up or re-create a scene from their favourite movie available on demand on Chili. The open creativity received high interest from influencers, with hundreds interested to participate. 

In total, 16 influencers were chosen and activated based on engagement and creativity selection criteria in the U.K. market on Instagram.

3. Results

5 campaigns were run based on a strict selection. The campaign was a success and the possibility for live results reporting allowed prioritising content used for Chili’s social. The final results were: 

  • 2.5 million total reach

  • 7.5% average engagement

  • 16% follower uplift

  • 1000x downloads

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