EXPEDIA SEO & CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY: Increase of +1.5 Million Sessions

The travel agency Expedia is the leader in the online travel industry. The website offers opportunities to book airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, cruise trips and other vacation packages.

1. Goals

GA Agency and Expedia have been working together for the last few years. As part of this successful partnership, the client reached out to us seeking support on a content marketing initiative. Expedia had a magazine/blog section on their website whose aim was to provide valuable content to its readers in a form of media rich articles full of travel tips and inspirations.

The client’s goals were quite straightforward:

  1. To increase the number of visitors to the magazine section,

  2. To grow the magazine’s overall awareness, and

  3. To rank higher on some selected keywords on Google organic search results for their top 3 markets: Italy, Spain and France.

2. Our Approach

In order to help Expedia to reach its goals, GA Agency’s Head of Performance decided that the Agency should focus its efforts on a set of  effective and measurable activities across the space of content marketing.

Collaborating with a key member of the relevant department, they started by performing an extensive keyword research while brainstorming several ideas for publications. Once that was done, GA team managed the writer and publisher section, along with content production and setting a tight publishing timeline.

We utilised our extensive network of highly vetted 2000+ publishers, and, in the end, selected more than 450 travel industry related influential quality publishers to share our 450+ publications.

3. Results

As mentioned earlier, one of the key criteria while setting the strategy for this campaign was to focus only on highly measurable activities, so that the client could easily get a sense of how effective the content marketing campaign was.

Our KPIs show that this campaign was effectively extremely successful, as in just 6 months it produced:

  • growth of 1,500,000 sessions with an average transaction increase of more than 10x,

  • 5x increase of pages driving traffic

  • increase of more than 80,000 keywords that the magazine ranked for on Google!

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