MOLTENI&C LOCAL SEO CASE STUDY: 100% Increase in Discovery Worldwide

Leading company specialised in the production of high-end home furnishings and large productions (residential community and public buildings). Founded as a company manufacturing systems, it now produces a complete offer for the home, distributed through a network of single-brand Molteni&C Dada shops and corners at multi-brand shops in Italy, US, UK, China, Japan, Canada.


Molteni&C began its collaboration with GA in 2016 focusing mainly in SEO consulting. The agency supports the client with SEO services covering technical SEO, on-page SEO and overall digital marketing consulting.

In 2019 we started a new project focusing on improving visibility, traffic and branding of the 20 Molteni&C stores worldwide through SEO local on Google My Business platform. GA Agency on worked on integration through setting up the local SEO and ultimately increasing traffic to store and online engagement.


GA team created 20 store locations on Google My Business, uploading all the information, in the following months we continued with optimisation of the store information adding detailed information about each store. 

  • Secondary categories to intercept generic keywords

  • Meta Description focusing on the kind of business

  • Logo and cover (this last to be added for all stores in the next days)

  • Store images

  • Redemption of other 5 store locations managed by others

  • Creation of product sheets

  • Product reviews management

Creation of product sheets with:

  • Product images

  • Title and meta description

  • Long and detailed description

  • Link to website product page


The YOY results since optimising the stores are showing significant performance improvements with total impressions up +110%, increase in phone calls, website visits and discovery views.

The results of our work: YoY total improvement for 20 stores globally since optimisations: +78% increase in total impressions and 36% in actions: 

  • +78% ↑ Total Search Impressions YOY

  • +71% ↑ Increase in Phone Calls

  • +56% ↑ Increase in Website Visits

  • +110% ↑ Increase in Discovery/Unbranded Views

  • +82% ↑ Direct Views/Branded Searches

  • +78% ↑ Photo Views (Merchant)