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CHILI, founded in 2012 in Italy, delivers trending movies on-demand streaming services, where watchers pay per view for first distribution of new digital releases.

CHILI is a European Entertainment Company ( The company has developed the first and only Entertainment Centred Marketplace, which is a unique experience offering cinema and tv series fans:

  • information and reviews about cinema previews

  • a geo-localised movie theatrical’s show times

  • all the new releases in digital form, months before pay tv

  • a catalogue of thousands of digital films, tv series, DVDs and Blu-Ray

  • the possibility to buy together original merchandising of your favourite Character and choose gadgets from the films.

  • and lots more.


The Service

GAE has been working with CHILI since 2017 on ideating, strategizing, executing and coordinating Influencer Marketing new market entry campaigns.

The agency has been increasing CHILI brand awareness across the UK and other European markets by leveraging authenticity through Influencers Marketing to increase reach and brand awareness.

Read more about our work with CHILI here.

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