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The Client:

Founded in the Italian city of Vicenza in 2013, Cruna offers carefully crafted and high-quality menswear. Cruna’s “Made in Italy” products merge Italian traditions and modernity in the production of garments focused on detail and uniqueness. Cruna combines traditional craftsmanship, knowledge and patience to achieve a modern and international fit brought to life through tailoring. The brand started as a wholesale project which relies heavily on an international network of shops and retailers and it is shifting to the ecommerce channel to reach a wider market both locally and internationally. Its elegant range of trousers, jackets and sweaters can be purchased in the headquarters of Vicenza, their Milan showroom, as well as on their online shop.

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The Service:

The collaboration between GA and Cruna began in September 2020 with the goal of increasing website traffic and driving more conversions. The agency supports Cruna with its digital marketing strategy by offering services such as SEO consulting, PPC advertising as well as influencer marketing. GA agency collaborates closely with the Cruna team both in the development of effective strategies and in their implementation.




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