Marquee TV

the Premium Streaming Service for Arts and Culture

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The Client

Founded in 2017 and Launched in 2018, Marquee TV is an online platform showcasing streaming performing arts presentations, offering opera, dance, and theatrical performances, including the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Opera House Currently available to access through a web browser, as well as on App Store, Google Play, Apple TV, Fire TV, amongst others.

Marquee TV’s mission and dedication are to bring premium performances to art enthusiast audiences in their living rooms, allowing more and more people globally to enjoy world-class arts entertainment from the comfort of their sofas.  

The app was launched to support the art performances industry in times of crisis that led to lockdowns and shut downs of most venues globally. Thus, helping to generate the much-needed revenue stream for the artists, venues and personnel.

Lastly, Marquee TV made it their goal to be a go-to trusted partner for all things digital and streaming for the artists and arts organisations. The platform provides the much needed solution that empowers the industry, in an intuitive and easy to use platform.

The Service

As of August 2021, GA Agency has been working together with Marquee TV on SEO Consulting.

The aim of the collaboration is to boost’s organic search visibility, by earning valuable traffic and new users, and ultimately increasing conversions and revenue.

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