Digital strategy assessment


Optimize your digital marketing strategy and be fully prepared for future digital disruptions by creating an in-depth digital transformation plan. Our digital marketing agency will help maximize your ROI and grow digitally by reaching your target audience online.

With the accelerating pace of technological transformation, only 44% of companies, according to Deloitte’s research, reported feeling adequately prepared for the industry disruptions expected to happen due to continuously evolving digital trends. With technology being in constant transformation, it is important to benchmark your business’ current position, identify aspects that can be improved as well as what opportunities and challenges you might face due to the digital transformation process, to create effective plans for the future. 

Our highly experienced team will help assess your digital maturity, the point of the digital transformation journey you are in, create long and short-term business goals accordingly, and well-defined steps to achieve them. They will work closely with you to create a digital transformation strategy and suggest tailored actions and a strategy to maximize your benefits in the digital world. By using frameworks and industry-specific tools, as well as real-life examples and success stories, the GA Agency team will evaluate, assess and provide recommendations on your current digital marketing situation, suggesting potential improvements or leverage points. 

Based on your business’ needs, our services include: 

  • Recommendations on which advertising channel is the most adequate based on your goals

  • SEO recommendations

  • Tips on engaging customers with your brand to enable value creation

  • Advice on improving your conversion rate by improving landing pages 

  • Analysis of the conversion funnel

  • Segmentation of target audience and tips on reaching them through the most profitable channels

 To do so, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your competitor’s actions and online presence, your company’s offering, UPS, and online positioning, as well as your customers’ needs and expectations. Furthermore, we will review your short- and long-term goals to ensure they align with your digital strategy. Our team will provide you with innovative and creative solutions to optimize your core business capabilities and optimize them for the digital transformation. Our highly experienced team will deliver ah-hoc leadership to analyze and seize opportunities and, ultimately, create a winning digital transformation strategy.

Do you want help assessing your digital strategy and tips to improve it and reach your business’ goals? Contact us now!


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