Discovery Ads now Available Globally in Google Ads

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The importance of images and videos in ads has become increasingly evident. 86% of online consumers look for shopping ideas and inspiration when they browse content on the web and watch videos. In 2019 Google presented Discovery Ads, a new ad type that helps advertisers show products to prospects precisely when they’re most open to finding something new. Similar to Facebook Carousel Ads, these ads let advertisers display one or more images in a slideshow format on Youtube, Gmail, and Google Discover. 

Until today, to advertise on Youtube it was essential to have a video ad. Now brands can promote themselves by simply uploading the best images of their advertising campaign.

Creative Asset Guidelines

To set up Discovery ads in Google Ads, advertisers must enter a landing page URL, up to 15 images, a logo and up to 5 headlines and 5 descriptions:

  • Headline: headlines will be combined with other assets and will show as the first line in the ad
  • Description: the description adds to the headline and provides additional context or details
  • Images: they are essential in Google Discovery Ads campaigns. You can upload up to 15 different images and sizes (square 1:1 and landscape 1.91:1) to get the most reach. They should not include CTA buttons and Google recommends having at least 3 square and 3 landscape images. With regards to the logo, the best choice is to upload square logos (1200 × 1200).

Where Will Ads be Displayed

Google will use machine learning to serve the best combinations of headlines, descriptions, and image creatives to prospects across the best-performing placements. A single campaign covers Google Discover (mobile), Gmail (mobile & desktop), and YouTube (mobile).


What do Discovery Ads look like?

Discovery ads attract qualified traffic at the top of the funnel. Google states that these ads are ideal for lead generation and new customer acquisition. Also, they can reach up to 2.8 billion people worldwide! Since June 2020, Google Discovery ads are available globally to all Google Ads accounts.

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