Do you need help sending and planning automated emails to your customers? 

Save time and money with our managed email marketing services and send effective email marketing campaigns to reach your audience. 

Email marketing can be a very powerful and cost-effective tool to reach your customers’ direct attention. With an ROI of 4400%, this marketing strategy can help your company get a high Return on Investment on your marketing efforts. 

The benefits of our Email Marketing services: 

  • Cost-efficient and timely campaigns with good ROI

  • Owned channel

  • Direct contact with your customers

  • Excellent engagement analytics

  • Unparalleled customer segmentation insights based on their interaction with the campaign, at user level

  • Channel to address the already-interested audience, mid-to-low funnel

  • User-friendly and easily measurable results 

  • Boost sales by providing discounts and special offers to past customers or list similar items to clients’ previous purchases or other 

  • Raise brand awareness and ensure your brand name stays relevant in your clients’ mind

Email marketing is the perfect way to reach all your customers at the same time whilst providing targeted and personalized emails with limited effort.

Our email marketing agency UK will support you in the following steps: 

  • Setting an email marketing strategy, frequency, type, and email campaign design template to create a tailored campaign that addresses your customer’s needs and behavior.

  • Copywriting services by offering actionable and engaging messages tailored to your clients’ characteristics and behavior.  

  • Email campaign template design co-creation

  • Automated email campaign set up based on triggers and automated messages to reach your customers at the best time 

  • Campaign scheduling & execution by scheduling campaigns on Mailchimp to be delivered in your audience’s timezone. 

  • Detailed engagement analytics by providing in-depth interaction, engagement, and performance reports. 

  • Customer segmentation based on interaction by creating tailored campaigns that address your customer’s needs and provide audience-specific messages

  • A/B testing to evaluate your campaign’s performance and improve your results

  • Obtain real-time reports and track your email campaign’s progress. Analyze insights about your customer’s interactions with your campaign

Email marketing software and tools used by our team in email campaigns include Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and SendInBlue, amongst others. 

If executed properly, email marketing can be one of the most valuable and cost-effective ways to turn interested audiences into new and repeat customers.

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