Empowering Charities Through Digital Impact

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As an established digital marketing agency, it’s important that we give back and help support charities with their digital marketing strategies. We have recently partnered with Soundwell and Ocean Generation to support them with driving awareness and helping people get the support they need.

Soundwell: Mental Health Support Through Music Therapy

Soundwell is a charity based in the South West, committed to providing crucial mental health support to adults through music therapy.  They support people in their mental health recovery and provide emotional support to care workers, using music to explore creativity, communication, and expression to help transform lives.

Our support for Soundwell began with a focus on Google Grants for Google Ads. We guided them through the grant application process, ensuring they were eligible and equipped to leverage this valuable opportunity. With the grant successfully secured, our dedicated team set up meticulously crafted campaigns and implemented tracking mechanisms. Monitoring these campaigns diligently, we ensured that Soundwell’s message reached the right audience.

Our commitment goes beyond managing the campaigns. As the contract draws to a close, we plan to empower the Soundwell team with the knowledge and skills needed to independently manage their digital campaigns effectively.

Furthermore, we’ve established a robust analytics framework, providing Soundwell with important insights. Through a custom-designed reporting and insights dashboard, we offer a clear understanding of campaign performance and user interactions. Additionally, our collaboration includes strategic content planning, allowing Soundwell to provide valuable information to their website’s visitors while enhancing their visibility in search results.

Ocean Generation: Ocean Conservation Charity

Ocean Generation is a charity on a mission to drive awareness and action for ocean conservation. They are empowering an inclusive global movement to tackle ocean threats through science and storytelling.

Our partnership with Ocean Generation started with a comprehensive technical audit, an essential step in ensuring their website operates at its highest efficiency. With meticulous attention to detail, we assessed their online infrastructure, identifying opportunities for optimisation and improvement.

As part of our commitment to Ocean Generation, we conducted an in-depth backlink audit following a migration. This crucial step guaranteed that their online presence remained strong and consistent, even after undergoing significant changes. By safeguarding their valuable backlinks, we were able to ensure that their authority and credibility were maintained.

Our Commitment to Charities

At GA Agency, these partnerships represent more than just projects; they embody our commitment to driving change through technology and extending our support to charities. Soundwell and Ocean Generation are champions of important causes, and we are grateful that our team are able to amplify their voices, extend their reach, and increase their impact through digital strategies.

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