Digital Marketing Plan Checklist

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 In order to successfully launch a digital marketing project there are several requirements from the client depending on the channels and placements used. For any digital marketing acquisition campaign it is important to plan and use a checklist to have all the right assets in place. We built this infographic to summarize the most important elements and tools required to launch a campaign in the right way, including technical part, creatives, targeting, branding and others. You can use it as your digital marketing project cheat sheet. Read on to learn more!

Digital Marketing Plan Checklist 

From our years of experience managing digital marketing channels across a variety of industries and sizes for our clients, we have distilled a few requirements that are common across all: 

  • Have all the right assets (images, videos, copies, logos) in one easily shareable place, be it Google Drive shared folder or WeTransfer etc.
  • A clear and comprehensive description of the buyer persona
  • Brand guidelines to help agency in writing copies that align with the brand’s tone of voice and style
  • One designed point of contact on the client’s side that can quickly respond to any questions and requests
  • Great Ecommerce UI/UX to and its Conversion Rate Optimized by: 
    • Offering different payment methods (e.g. Credit card, PayPal, ApplePay etc.)
    • Offering payments in several currencies (if a global business)
    • Competitive shipping/return policy 
    • Frictionless check out form 

Analytics & Tracking

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that every post engagement and website click can be measured, thus, allowing to make data-driven decisions. However, without the right set up there either be no or no reliable data. Thus, to be able to collect data and measure the performance and understand the audience, tracking and analytics should be set up properly. 

A must-have list of tools required to set up and install are as follows:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Ads Tracking  
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Remarketing Tracking 
  • Ecommerce Analytics 
  • Google Search Console 

All of which will help to gain rich insights of the website’s and any individual digital marketing campaign and channel’s performance. 

Per Channel 

Each online channel offers their unique audience and buyer intent. Consequently, there are different minimum and success requirements for each. For example, display channels are great for building brand awareness in the upper funnel and remarketing in the lower funnel to those who have already interacted with a brand. SEO is excellent for capturing users in the interest, desire stages when researching more about a product or service or in action when knowing what product to buy. Product feed channels are best to meet potential customers that have an intent to buy. There clear USPs, description and quality images and videos are of essence. 

Below an overview: 

  1. Display Channels / PPC: be it Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Display Network ads, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat
    1. High quality Images are really important to be successful, ideally three different types: lookbook, lifestyle, product
    2. High quality videos are a plus to tell brand/product story
  2. Product Feed Channels are more and more important – you need to be able to create and optimize product feed for Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook and Shopify IG ads
    1. Those should have high quality Images
    2. Each products should have the right attributes to improve the targeting
  3. SEO 
    1. For the SEO channel you need to be able to have developers resources to apply technical changes to the site. Without this support all the recommendations from an agency will be pointless
    2. You also need to have access to the CMS to apply the onpage changes (keywords, meta data, content, internal links etc.)

And there you have it – your digital marketing plan checklist for a successful project kick off.. We hope you found this useful and informative.

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