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SEO & Content Marketing case study


Casavo is the leading Instant Buyer in Southern Europe, known for buying and selling houses within 30 days. Casavo is one of the fastest growing startups in the European market





The collaboration between GA Agency and Casavo started in January 2020, with the aim of improving organic visibility and inflowing traffic through SEO and Internal Content Marketing services.


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The project started with on-page SEO, including a review of the whole website’s content, keyword targeting, UX analysis, metadata review and site speed optimization. In particular, our SEO optimization involved category pages (sell home and buy home pages), existing editorial pages, and real estate listing pages.

Moreover, we suggested a change in the internal content marketing strategy from a PR section to a Blog section. Both companies worked closely to co-create content useful for target audiences that would rank well on search engines. GA Agency provided a detailed brief with keywords research data and editorial plans and worked closely with Casavo along with every step. Topics covered were real estate, tax and law.


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In the first year of collaboration, GA Agency focused its efforts on optimising the existing content, reviewing metadata and body texts for all category pages related to property evaluation services and buy home announcements for specific cities. At the same time, we ran a complete technical audit in order to identify possible technical issues that prevent crawlers from properly navigating the site. We suggested some improvements to mobile index, schema, XML sitemaps, images management, and site speed optimization. 

During the second year we worked on the website’s semantic mapping, in order to find content gaps and missing opportunities among existing content, by detecting missing content pieces that could fit perfectly with the stages of your customers’ journey, and exploiting them.

This process allowed us to create or improve strategic content that could have driven more traffic and attracted more customers as well as providing better quality and value to your established audience.

Moreover, the GA Agency team formulated a detailed internal content marketing strategy to improve the organic reach of the Casavo website and to increase the ranking of the website’s strategic web pages. 

The strategy included performing a content audit to find the areas and keywords the website was missing, as well as optimize the existing ones. GA Agency focused on writing relevant content based on user queries, and a meticulous interlinking structure, in order to boost the relevance of the key pages of the website and drive more traffic to the category pages. 

GA Agency also contributed to Casavo’s internal content marketing strategy by suggesting topics to consolidate its content. The topics of the articles suggested for the blog answer frequently asked user queries from the web, related to buying and selling real estate, interior design tips, as well as other fiscal and normative matters in Italy and Spain.

Additionally, a cluster of topics is focused on interior design tips and how to improve living spaces.

Lastly, we ran an external content marketing campaign in order to improve the backlink profile of the most strategic category pages


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Since the start of the collaboration, the number of keywords ranking for Casavo on Google have been growing strongly:


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