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Do you want better visibility on search pages, more visitors to your German website and higher conversions? Search engine optimization makes an important contribution to this. SEO (“Search Engine Optimisation”) is a continuous process. If you want to be found quickly on Google and other search engines, you should pay a lot of attention to it. This also includes continuing to update content. In many industries it is only possible in this way to achieve a position on the first page results. This is all the more true for a large market such as Germany. Which keywords do your German customers use and how can you respond to this with your content? The goal is that you provide the relevant visitors for your company with exactly the information they need. Therefore, outsource your SEO strategy to a digital marketing agency with in-house German SEO specialists.

The number of internet users in Germany has been rising in the last decade. Today, there as many as 66 million German active Internet users. 

Google is an important channel for reaching your target group in Germany: the search engine has a market share of more than 95%. This is why Google is prioritised in many industries when it comes to search engine optimisation. If your German website is not on the first page of search results, it will be difficult to be found by your audience. By not applying the best SEO practices in Germany, you risk missing out on an indescribable number of prospects and opportunities.

Our skilled in-house German SEO experts will create a results-driven strategy to improve your SEO and help boost your online visibility. Our team of experts will take into account regional differences within Germany and ensure the best regional content and SEO strategy.

To achieve maximum returns with your Google budget, we map out the most important and relevant keywords for you, create interesting and search engine friendly content and develop effective Google Ads campaigns among other things. Here at GA Agency, we are specialised in making sure companies are easy to find through SEO in Germany. Are you ready for the next step?



Why do you need German SEO Consulting?

To achieve a high position in search engines, the golden rule applies: Content is King. Google wants to offer people an optimal user experience. The search engine achieves this by placing the sites at the top that best match the search query. This is especially the case for unpaid organic search results. To make your website more attractive to visitors and to make optimal use of resources, we have to make choices. Together we determine for which keywords you want to be found. For these keywords we develop content that offers visitors real added value: relevant, unique and up-to-date. In order to find the right keywords, a keyword analysis is, therefore, at the beginning of every SEO project.

German is an incredibly rich language. Take the word ‘shop’ as an example. Depending on the context, shop can translated into either:

‘Geschäft’, ‘Laden’, ‘Kaufhaus’ or ‘Werkstatt’.

Each of these words has a strong search volume. In order to decide which keyword is right for your business, it is important to not only focus on keyword volume, but also on relevancy in terms of your target audience.

Of course, your German website should not contain any language errors in the first place. This applies to the URLs, page titles and descriptions that search engines show in the results. The page title and description must also be relevant and attractive. This ensures that people click through more quickly. So you get the best results by working together with a native SEO specialist who, in addition to knowledge of the local German culture and mindset, also has a lot of experience with SEO.






Our SEO audits are designed to be user-friendly, whilst at the same time detailed and quality rich. We review the current situation of your business on SEO performance and present a score + recommendations for improvement.




A keyword analysis provides insight into the keywords that your audience uses when they search for your offer. These keywords form the basis for the development of your SEO Germany strategy.




Our web development and SEO team provide you with a technical audit of the website and could identify possible programming or technical issues causing SEO problems. We review mobile index, schema, and sitemaps, among others




On-page SEO is about optimising your website or webshop itself. An important element are the German texts and other content formats. Continuing to develop unique content optimized for search engines is a central part of the SEO Germany strategy. We help you make improvements that can be realized within a short period of time, such as optimising the URL structure, rewriting metadata and structuring texts.




We provide a detailed overview of each of your main competitors containing the most vital and successful elements of their tactics. We use this to understand what strategy will be needed to rank above competitors and compete with them to gain top search positions.




We provide insightful reporting with customized dashboards to our clients that guarantee full visibility on their SEO performance.


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