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Traditional marketing has lost its power to digital marketing. Advertising on television, radio or in print is increasingly fading and online advertising on internet giants – such as Facebook and Google – is becoming more and more popular. Where a few years ago you were still looking for interesting vacancies in the newspaper, Google is now the start of your search.

Would you like to expand your business activities to Portugal? Or Brazil? Or one of the other countries where Portuguese is the official language? Then you need a professional SEO Portuguese native specialist from the country of your choice. Because there are certainly differences between the countries where Portuguese is spoken. And if you have business ambitions in one of the Portuguese-speaking countries, it is very important to take these regional differences into account.

If you are a business searching how and by what means to rank highly on the organic search results in Hungary, you have found the right agency. You always have the chance to dominate the search engine results, as long as you keep doing it until you get the best grade. By not applying the best SEO practices in Portuguese speaking countries, you risk missing out on an indescribable number of prospects and opportunities.

Here at GA Agency, our skilled in-house Portuguese SEO experts will create a results-driven strategy to improve your SEO and help boost your online visibility. Our team of experts will take into account regional differences within Italy and ensure the best regional content and SEO strategy.

Portugal counts almost 10 million of people, of which around 8.5 million (84.2%) of the population in Portugal were internet users. In 2020, 66% of the Hungarian population were online shoppers. When shopping online, Hungarians do not limit themselves only to domestic products – foreign stores attract their attention, and many of them prefer foreign brands to domestic ones.

50% of the population in Portugal shops online. 75% of online shoppers in Portugal research online when planning a major purchase.

In Portugal, Google has around 95% of the market share as a search engine. In Brazil, Google owns 97% of the market share.


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Why do you need Portuguse SEO Consulting?

The Portuguese B2C eCommerce market has been growing on a steady pace in the last few years, accounting for 3 billion dollars in 2018. During the first 6 months of 2020, eCommerce experienced a significant increase of digital shopping. In 2020, according to local media, and a consumer habits study by MARCO “Post Covid-19 Consumer Habits”, a Madrid based consultant, more than 50% of Portuguese purchased online in the period of March-May.

According to Deloitte, Portugal is ranked 30th in the global eCommerce competitiveness ranking and is expected to grow above the average of European countries by 2021. Metrics include sector revenues, number of buyers, online commerce penetration, and the latest developments. It is estimated that the value of eCommerce transactions in 2017 by Portuguese consumers amounted to 4.6 billion euros, corresponding to 2.5% of national GDP.

Sales through digital channels are worth close to a quarter of the revenues of Portuguese companies that have diversified traditional sales methods and strategies, which was found by the Portuguese Entrepreneurs Association in a survey. The estimated proportion of digital sales in companies selling through this channel is 23%. Of the 652 companies surveyed, 56% started selling digitally after the start of the pandemic. About 15% of these companies recorded an increase between 11% and 20% in sales.

Data from Nielson, DBI and GfK, shows that, in Portugal, purchases during the lockdown equaled the entire year of 2019. This trend will remain, as this period changed Portuguese mindsets on eCommerce, with over 30% of the Portuguese population wanting to continue to purchase online.

This means that applying the best SEO practices in Portuguese speaking countries is vital for winning over all these digital shoppers.






Our SEO audits are designed to be user-friendly, whilst at the same time detailed and quality rich. We review the current situation of your business on SEO performance and present a score + recommendations for improvement.




We start with in-depth researching, matching each page we optimise with relevant keywords that have high traffic from Italy. Next,, we provide you with recommendations how to improve keyword targets for your business.




We provide good indexation, loading speed, core web vitals and everything that results in the best rankings in Google.




On-page SEO has drastically changed over the years, so it is essential to keep up with the latest practices. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimised. On-page search engine optimisation includes a review of content, keyword targeting, UX, metadata, shareability, multi-device compatibility, among others. 




We provide a detailed overview of each of your main competitors containing the most vital and successful elements of their tactics. We use this to understand what strategy will be needed to rank above competitors and compete with them to gain top search positions.




We provide insightful reporting with customized dashboards to our clients that guarantee full visibility on their SEO performance.


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