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For your business to be noticed and succeed in Spain, it is paramount to have a strong SEO, Content Marketing and Link Building strategy and execution in place. There are 46.7 million living in Spain (UN, 2020) of which 31.4 million use the Internet monthly (Statista, 2019). Google is the leading search engine with 96.58% search in Spain taking place on We can help your business to rank highly on Spanish Google with highly effective personalized strategies that will enable you to capitalize and capture a share of this large market. 

GA Agency

GA Digital Marketing Agency was founded in 2013 as SEO Agency. We are based in London, U.K., Italy, and Singapore. Our experienced Spanish speaking team has been providing SEO Consulting, Content Marketing, and Copywriting services for over 15 years. The team brings together the best experiences from working at Google, Expedia, KIKO Milano, Adidas, Accenture, Swedbank. Agencies and startups.

Our clients are multinationals/Fortune 500 companies and Small and Medium Enterprises, such as CALZEDONIA, Expedia, KIKO Milano, Technogym, KARL and Molteni&C. We serve fitness, travel, fashion, cosmetics and furniture industries, among others.

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Our Team & Service

Our team combines the best talent with experiences in SEO, Content Marketing and Linkbuilding working at Google, Expedia, Accenture, adidas, Swedbank, KIKO Milano, Agencies and startups. 

If your business has a presence in Italy and you would like to be ranked highly on Italian language searches on (94% of all searches in Italy), then do read on about our highly effective approaches and personalized strategies can help your business. The Italian language is fairly complex in comparison to others and in-depth skills and experience. We can maximize your ROI, online visibility and reach your target audience.


SEO Consulting 

We adapt and personalize to each company and website our proven SEO consulting approach. To maximize our clients’ ROI, we use the newest SEO parameters, including page and domain authority, Google indexability, approval ratings, etc. 

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Link Building & External Content Marketing

Our tested and vetted database offers access to some 2000+ publishers and bloggers. We have built and tried our Spanish publisher network for years and are proud to say we can offer high-quality links from relevant premium quality sites in the Spanish language. We manually select our contributors based on strict selection criteria to ensure non-evident guest posting. The follow links are owned, efficient and natural, ensuring lack of spam and no monthly rental fees.

Our methodology is to research the competitive landscape and best practices, from which we then create custom-made strategy to suit your business’s requirements. 


Internal Content Marketing (Copywriting)

Content Marketing is a highly effective approach to position your company as an expert in a field and to build trust with the customer by providing valuable content, all whilst improving your SERP ranking for targeted keywords. With the right strategy in place, your content marketing can organically bring you valuable traffic. Our Spanish language copywriting experts team will help you communicate clearly with your customers with sentimental and engaging content, product descriptions and blogs.

The content writing can be complemented with keywords research, whereas our team will find out the search queries market demand and help your web content meet it. To do so, we will optimize the attributes to match the Google Featured Snippet requirements, optimize for search engines with media, hyperlinks, and metadata.




At the core of Spanish SEO Consulting, Link Building and Copywriting lays the mastery of needs that in turn bring maximum exposure of your businesses’ Spanish website.

There are 483 million native Spanish speakers in the world, thus making the native language approach fundamental to attracting and retaining the market’s attention and interest. Our goal is to help your business grow sales from the target audiences in a customer-first way that accentuates easy access and discovery of your services and/or products. 

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