Exploring the Future of the Workplace with Impact’s Leading Edge Event

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“Is your organisation equipped for the future?”

With 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 predicted to have not been invented yet, that was one of the questions our Founder & CEO, Guido, and Paid Media Director, Katie went to discover when they joined over 50 other senior leaders in the iconic Tate Modern gallery in London for Impact’s Leading Edge event. 

Hosted by Impact, a world leading experiential learning company founded in the Lake District in 1980 with the purpose of inspiring and developing people worldwide, the event was the second of four events held globally (with others in New York, Singapore and Zurich), designed to help leaders navigate the future challenges their companies are likely to face. 

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We started the workshop with discussion questions around the increasing role of AI, which served to help both break the ice & hear different perspectives from multiple industries, with representatives present from the worlds of marketing, finance, retail and entertainment, to name but a few. 

This was then followed by a practical exercise to showcase some of Impact’s world leading experiential learning methods, aimed at helping everyone to consider multiple perspectives when approaching challenges & future planning. Finally, there was an insightful panel discussion from senior leaders at Avon, Timpsons and Reckitt, who gave some insights into how they’re facing challenges around the future of the workplace in their own organisations, from how to support remote workers to succession planning. 

People gathered at tables in a room with a city view in the background.

Katie shared her reflections on the event:

It was a great experience to be a part of, with the Impact team quickly able to create meaningful engagement amongst the participants, with everyone being open and supportive to discussing some of the key challenges their industries were facing. With the key topics centred around the increasing number of questions about the use of AI in a professional capacity, and how organisations can continue to put their employees at the heart of their decision making, we came away full of new ideas of how we can ensure we’re equipped to tackle any challenges head on at GA Agency!

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