GA Agency Announces a New Collaboration with Finblox

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GA Agency is delighted to announce the start of a new collaboration with Finblox, supporting them with: SEO consulting, app store optimisation, internal and external content marketing, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and data analysis. We will be focusing on English speaking markets.

About Finblox

Finblox is a crypto start-up offering the easiest place to earn a yield on crypto assets (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) and grow your wealth, through their app. They’re on a mission to democratise wealth-building for all and have no limits on minimum balances or withdrawal periods.

They attracted $3.9M capital within just 4 months of launching and are backed by top-tier angels and VCs that believe in their vision. Finblox spotted a gap in the market as emerging markets such as India, Vietnam, Brazil, and the Philippines ranked among the highest on the global crypto adoption index last year. However, only a small percentage of the population in these markets has had exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Finblox also sees a significant opportunity to tap into the metaverse projects popular in the emerging markets, where users are getting onboarded into crypto for the first time through play-to-earn games.

Source – Finblox

How Does it Work?

They have made it easy for people to earn crypto by breaking it down into three simple steps:

  1. Download and sign up for Finblox
  2. Buy or deposit your crypto
  3. Start earning with interest compounded and paid daily

What Makes Finblox Different to Other Crypto Companies?

  • Safety and peace of mind as funds are secured and insured for up to $45M by Fireblocks and Coincover
  • Interest paid daily
  • No lock-ins so you can transfer your funds anytime you need them
  • All-star team from some of the most elite companies in the world

GA Agency Collaboration

Both GA Agency and Finblox are excited about the collaboration and look forward to working closely to grow Finblox within the English speaking markets.

Our experienced international team will be providing the following digital marketing services:

  • SEO Consulting
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Internal & External Content Marketing
  • Data Analysis

It’s an exciting time for the crypto industry as it’s constantly evolving and has the opportunity to revolutionise a variety of industries.

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