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Are you looking for French SEO services? Our team can help you get more qualified leads and increased visibility with our SEO services. We can help make your campaigns a success and put your business noticed.

French SEO To Get Your Business Noticed


SEO is of great importance for online visibility within the French market. Are you also thinking about expanding your business to this country or have you already started your business in France? Then investing in SEO is a smart move.

Every year more and more French consumers shop online and the vast majority of the population uses Google’s search engine to search for information and shops. That is why it is very important that you can be found within this search engine. You can achieve this by paying attention to French SEO.


    We are fortunate to work with an experienced and skilled in-house SEO team including native French SEO experts and copywriters to support with your local SEO projects.


    We have 15+ years of experience in SEO consulting. Our case studies showcase our expertise and the outstanding results we have delivered for our clients.


    We are trusted by the world’s best brands and our clients include Calzedonia, Expedia, Karl Lagerfeld, KIKO Milano and Technogym to name a few.

Why Do You Need French SEO Consulting?

If you want to target the French market, it’s important to have professional and manual translations. Our multilingual team consist of French native speakers, who grew up in the country, and have an excellent understanding of the culture and the language.

This is particularly important for French SEO as you need to ensure that the optimal translations of product names are used. As an example, for some products there is only one possible translation, however, for others there would be two or three possible translations of the product. Our team will establish which product name is most suitable for targeting native French speakers.

In general, French business correspondence is more formal, so you need to make sure that you achieve the correct balance. Also, the French care a lot about who has authorised your company and the payment processes in comparison to other countries. These are just a few of the cultural difference that you need to take into account with your French SEO consulting strategy.

Some of Our Clients

Why Choose GA Agency for French SEO Consulting?

  • We are a boutique SEO agency with an international and multilingual SEO team

  • Proven track record of delivering results

  • Trusted by the world’s best brands

  • A tailored approach for your company, customer and industry needs

  • Your expert one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs

  • Are you interested in how our SEO services can grow your business? We would love to hear more about your goals and determine how we can add value.



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