GA Agency Announces a New Collaboration With Remeo

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GA Agency, the 360-degree boutique digital agency, is glad to initiate collaboration with Remeo, the Premium Gelato Brand, on digital marketing Services. 

GA Agency will help Remeo to raise online brand awareness, generate interest, drive traffic, retain loyal customers, and optimise the digital acquisition strategy. 

Remeo was brought to existence by Jacopo and Filippo in 2015 after they discovered a gap in the market: real Gelato in gelaterias was missing. Remeo became the brand that reflects the experience of today’s finest Italian Gelato, without any artificial additives but only 100% natural ingredients. Remeo, Latin for “I Return” – return to the quality of nature, brings you back to the essence of Italy and its delicacies. 

Remeo stands for a brand that has quality, health, sustainability and our environment at its core. The product is now available in the UK, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The brand is 100% Made and Designed in Italy with passion and expertise to achieve the creation of the best traditional creamy Italian gelato. 

In recent years Remeo won different awards for products and packaging. 

Both GA Agency and Remeo are excited about the collaboration and look forward to working closely in order to grow Remeo’s brand awareness and sales in the British market.

 Guido Ampollini, the Head of Performance, says: 

“Being an Italian and having tried Remeo gelato, I can say with pleasure that I am looking forward to helping to boost brand awareness of this fine gelato in the U.K. I’m also thrilled to collaborate with another UK company founded by Italians, like us.”

Filippo Pscacharopulo, co-founder of Remeo, says: 

“We choose to partner with GA Agency because we want to reach a wider audience of gelato lovers beyond our traditional offering from the shelves of supermarkets and delis. With our brand new online shop, we are now in the position to offer to every customer the full REMEO catalogue range at all times, including products that are exclusive to our D2C. At the same time, by providing extensive content around our gelato and our company culture, we aim to offer each and every user a more personal and tailored experience.”

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