GA Agency at Search Marketing Connect : Our SEO Tech Lead Talks Alpitour Strategy

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Alpitour’s online presence delivers a clear message.

When SEO and Content Marketing work hand in hand, the results are not just seen; they’re properly celebrated.

At the December Search Marketing Connect Conference in Bologna, our experienced SEO Tech Lead, Pamela Gacioppo, had the opportunity to showcase a standout case study focused on the successful synergy between SEO and Content Marketing on the Alpitour website, resulting in an impressive +150% increase in Top 3 keywords and +120% growth in traffic.

Established in 1947 and working with GA Agency for over 6 years, Alpitour is a leading player in Italian tourism, operating from 7 offices in Italy and subsidiaries across 16 countries. With a turnover of 1,6 MLD € (2022), the brand ensures millions of travellers create their own unique stories each year.

Curious about what happens when ambition meets resourcefulness?

An Inside Look at Search Marketing Connect

Search Marketing Connect is considered to be the go-to event for Italian digital marketing professionals, covering SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, AI, Martech and other cutting-edge industry trends.

The 17th edition of SMConnect took place at the Bologna Congress Center on December 6-7 2023 with an impressive attendance of over 4 500 participants and 500 speakers. Among them was Pamela who didn’t miss the opportunity to engage the audience from the stage with insights into Alpitour’s digital journey.

Reflecting on her experience, Pam shared ‘The experience was nothing short of amazing, from the moment I stepped on the stage to the incredible audience who packed the room! Their enthusiasm, thoughtful questions and positive feedback made these two days truly memorable.’

So, what lessons can you draw from Alpitour’s case study to ensure a sustained and impactful digital transformation for your brand?

Setting the Foundation

The presented case study focused on achieving three primary objectives in the highly competitive Italian holiday market.

  • Firstly, the goal was to improve rankings for strategic keywords related to the holiday sector, holiday packages and last-minute holiday deals
  • Secondly, the strategy aimed to dominate the SERP for key destinations such as the Maldives, Red Sea and Canary Islands
  • Lastly, the focus was on amplifying organic performance and improving conversion rates

Compelling Content Boosted by Strategic SEO

The success of the strategy can be traced back to several key factors.

First and foremost, maintaining open and well-structured communication with the client was essential. This involved full alignment with their needs and tailoring the strategy accordingly.

Second, GA team demonstrated industry expertise, ensuring a profound understanding of the holiday sector. Meticulous attention to the brand’s tone of voice played a pivotal role in maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence.

The approach also incorporated many essential elements such as competitor analysis to detect winning strategies and customer USP, granular keyword research to target the right audience and the creation of high-quality, unique content to maximise the website’s visibility, both for short and long-tail phrases.

What is more, strategic internal linking and IA optimisation were implemented to further refine the website’s structure, and efficient backlink management to boost its authority.

These and many other comprehensive efforts resulted in significant improvements in rankings, a stronger and more defined presence in the market, as well as substantially increased conversion rates.

Tailored Strategies in Diverse Digital Landscapes

Reflecting on Alpitour’s case study reminds us that each brand confronts unique challenges and goals. Digital transformation isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. The success achieved with Alpitour emphasises the significance of tailoring strategies to the specific needs and nuances of each brand. A personalised and strategic approach is essential for navigating the complexities of the digital landscape and seeing some seriously game-changing results.

A big thanks to Pamela for being a part of the vibrant discussions and making events like Search Marketing Connect so meaningful!

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