GA Agency Fundraising for Children with Cancer UK

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We are celebrating Christmas Jumper Day 2022 by fundraising for the charity Children with Cancer UK. They actively raise and invest money for vital specialist research to help save the lives of children with cancer and support their families. Their vision is a world where every child diagnosed with cancer gets to ring the end of cancer treatment bell.

As a team we voted for the charity that we would fundraise, but it is especially close to one of our team members hearts. They wanted to share their story to raise awareness about this cause:

“When GA’s Operations Director asked us to choose a cause we would like to raise funds for, I thought of Children with Cancer. The psychological and physical pain that cancer causes to its victims is undeniable and sometimes unbearable for adults. Imagine this same pain on innocent children who barely know life’s joys. I have witnessed this in my 10-year-old sibling, who fought Leukaemia for 3 years and a half years. It was the worst of battles against a sworn gigantic enemy that takes so many innocent lives yearly. It was my siblings’ battle, but it was also our battle because it is impossible to imagine that you can let your beloved one go. Eventually, she passed away after a long ferocious fight. She was strong until the end and never gave up, although she went through unbearable pains that most adults wouldn’t have been able to cope with.

Today, raising funds for Children with Cancer is a way to keep my siblings’ memory alive and keep up with her fight in another way. Raising funds for Children with Cancer is about funding research, finding a treatment, and fighting this enemy that causes so much pain to patients and their families. So, let’s give hope to those currently sick and pay tribute to all fallen little angels.”

Our team has been generously donating to this cause, raising awareness, and trying to make a change. We have already reached our target, but please have a look at our fundraiser if you would like to donate too.

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