GA Agency Announces a New Collaboration with ProChile UK on Influencer Marketing Services

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GA Agency is looking forward to working with Pro-Chile on Influencer Marketing services to promote Chilean origin food and drinks in the UK. 

ProChile is a Chilean governmental institution with offices in over 50 countries, the UK being one of them. By promoting the export of Chilean products and services worldwide, ProChile’s goal is to contribute to the growth and development of the country as well as its businesses. Aided by the country’s ideal climate and natural diversity, as well as economic and political stability, Chilean products such as wine and fruits, could represent a great investment opportunity for businesses worldwide. Thus, ProChile aims at boosting international export by promoting Chile’s high-quality products in a highly competitive and globalized market.

GA Agency will support ProChile in its U.K. Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign to promote the consumption of Chilean origin fruits, vegetables, nuts, wine and alcoholic spirit Pisco. The campaign will take place on Instagram in November.

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