GA Agency Partners with Digital Fashion Academy for Exclusive Online Class

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We are excited to share that at the end of January, we collaborated with Digital Fashion Academy in hosting an exclusive online class focusing on the key components and benefits of SEO. The event aimed to provide DFA students with invaluable insights and strategies to use SEO to their business and marketing advantage.

About DFA

Digital Fashion Academy is a leading educational institution offering a versatile range of courses and training programs in digital marketing, fashion and related fields. Rooted in a mission to equip aspiring professionals with the essential skills and knowledge required to succeed in the competitive fashion industry, DFA is dedicated to delivering unparalleled education of the future standards.

SEO Fundamentals with GA Team

The two-hour session, led by our growth strategist Giuliano Fabbri and senior SEO manager Oliwia Urban, covered the most essential SEO components, including keyword density, linking strategy, content strategy and many others, engaging participants in an interactive Q&A segment and thought-provoking real-life examples. 

What is more, attendees also had the opportunity to delve into more broader topics such as understanding the distinction between organic and paid traffic, harnessing the benefits of SEO over paid search and mastering various SEO tools including Google Search Console and Analytics. 

“Teaching this class was a great chance for us to help DFA students learn about SEO in a practical way,” comments Oliwia. 

“We were very excited to see their engagement. We can say that this collaboration was all about preparing the next generation of creative and super committed digital marketing experts,’ adds Giuliano.

Our extensive experience in fashion has uniquely positioned us to provide interesting insights that resonate with the DFA students. With a proven track record of success in digital marketing within the fashion domain, we understand the nuances of this field and were able to deliver relevant and practical knowledge that directly translates into real-world applications for aspiring fashion marketers.

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