GA Agency Partners with Haiper AI to Revolutionise Art & Technology

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We are kicking off the new year with great new collaborations!

We are thrilled to announce the new partnership between Haiper AI and GA Agency. This collaboration will include activities across both Paid Media and Organic Search. It is an exciting time to begin this project as AI has been trending in the industry for months. As technology is evolving and is becoming a more integral part of a professional’s day-to-day, companies such as Haiper AI have developed revolutionary products, and we cannot wait to see what the upcoming year will bring.

About Haiper AI

Haiper AI is a generative AI startup building perceptual foundation models for next-generation visual content creation in the United Kingdom. As a new startup, they are hungry for growth and bring a new level of dedication to succeeding online. They not only bring cutting-edge machine learning, but also have a belief that creativity should be fun, with a creator community at its centre. 

Their groundbreaking technology lets you convert text to images, animate images, and repaint videos in one place. They aspire to be the future platform for the new generation of creators and, as their audience grows, we are here to support their growth. 

We’re so looking forward to this collaboration as Haiper AI builds their name in the new industry. 

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Understanding Our Partnership’s Scope

Having an understanding of the scope at hand serves as a vital foundation for a successful collaboration that is characterised by trust, synergy, clear communication and shared objectives.  By immersing ourselves in Haiper AI’s world, we gain invaluable insights that inform strategic decision-making and execution. We will be collaborating with Haiper AI by supporting them in every stage of the marketing process, increasing their brand awareness and helping understand their target audiences by applying strategies across a wide range of channels for both Paid Media and SEO.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for us to leverage our expertise and creativity to drive meaningful impact and deliver results for one of the most interesting startups in the AI world,” comments our Founder & CEO, Guido Ampollini.

“We are thrilled to begin this partnership with GA Agency. Together, we hope to achieve great things that will boost our brand awareness and online presence,” adds Nik Sanghvi, Marketing Manager at Haiper AI.

A Start of a Promising Collaboration

As we begin this exciting journey with Haiper AI, the team at GA Agency is filled with enthusiasm and anticipation for the opportunities and learnings that lie ahead. Our collaboration represents more than just a partnership; it’s a coming together of innovation, creativity and shared ambition. 

As Q1 of 2024 is coming to an end, we are only getting started. We are looking ahead to a year filled with exciting milestones, breakthroughs and accomplishments for both Haiper AI and our team, so stay tuned!

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