Between Learning & Celebrations: GA Agency Reunites for Its Second Off-Site Event

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The genuine interest in knowledge-sharing and rooting for each other to achieve common goals is what makes GA Agency a vibrant and innovative company culture.

In May, we gathered for the second company’s off-site event in London. After last year’s success, we were impatient to reunite again for this two-day experience that brought together (almost) all GA employees from more than 17 different nationalities. Through a mix of expert talks and networking activities, we were able to learn and experiment while having fun and getting to know each other, both personally and professionally.

How It Started

On the first day of the event, we had the pleasure to welcome the founders of G Squared Consultancy for a session about career and personal development. Experts discussed with us the relevance of creativity in every work environment and underlined how nurturing human relationships is the foundation of a successful business strategy

We realised that the diversity of our background is an invaluable advantage to channel in our agency day-to-day, inspiring each other to reach new, ambitious goals. 

Following lunch and informal conversations, together we discussed the agency’s future prospects, building a sense of internal trust and shared responsibility. The karaoke session was then needed to practise what we learned earlier that day – we can proudly say that we now know how to bond and have fun with each other!

Off-Site Company Event day 2

Second Round

Our second day started with a work activity based on current clients we are proud to work with. We separated into two groups and engaged in a demo of the award-winning search intelligence platform Adthena that focuses on brand search monitoring and competitor insights. Guided by representatives of the company, we learned about the different Adthena features and how to apply them to our clients’ data. 

We then took some professional (and less professional) pictures and finished our day with the insightful talk of our SEO Specialist, Valentina Stragliotto about the game-changing concept of OSO (Organic Search Optimisation). If you missed it at this year’s BrightonSEO conference, we highly recommend checking it out to get an interesting overview on how SEO is embracing social media (and what you can do to become a part of it)!

To Be Continued!

At the end of each day, we gathered over a delicious meal, creating space to share life stories, swap advice and welcome new faces to the old squad. The emotional connection, the collective interest in the future of GA, and the lively energy of the team were palpable. As we return to our tasks, the memory of the passion and dedication of everyone involved in the event stays with us – prouder than ever to be part of such a talented community, we’re already looking forward to next year’s reunion.

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