Google Ads Manager Releases New Updates

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Google Ads Manager has released eight new updates that are important for advertisers to be aware of, as well as a couple of additional updates that are coming soon.

The new updates Google has released are:

  • Google Analytics 4 integration for web data is now in open beta.
  • Updates to the “Bid rejection reason” in reporting and data transfer, with more granularity added for recently introduced pricing and floor features.
  • PPID Time-to-Live (TLL) is extended from 90 to 180 days.
  • Optimised pricing to reflect inventory’s value.
  • Facebook has been rebranded as Meta, so publishers will now see “Meta” in all references to the ad network in Google Ad Manager.
  • Updated ad experiences video protections. The control is now a black called “Block non-instream video ads”.
  • Troubleshoot transparency files for MCM publishers (ads.txt, sellers.json)
  • WebView EPI for Ads is now available for monetisation opportunities.

Google has also announced four additional updates that are coming soon:

  • Update to Active View measurement.
  • Upcoming enforcement of app-ads.txt for CTV inventory.
  • Query migration for Ad Exchange Historical report type queries.
  • Header bidding in yield groups.

You can read more about the updates from Google if you would like to learn about them more in detail. It’s important to keep up to date with the latest changes from Google as their latest features as mentioned are beneficial in improving your ad campaigns.

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