Google’s Panda Algorithm Evolved into the Coati Algorithm

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Google recently revealed that the Panda algorithm was updated years ago, and it evolved into the Coati algorithm.

Digital marketers and experts were surprised to hear from Google that the Panda algorithm from 2011 no longer existed. It was not only incorporated into the core ranking algorithm but also evolved into a new algorithm called Coati without anyone else knowing.

What is Google Coati?

Hyung-Jin Kim, the VP of Google Search has been working on search quality for over 20 years and leads up core ranking at Google Search. He announced during SMX Next that “Panda has been subsequently replaced by Coati” but would not be considered a core update, instead part of the core ranking algorithm.

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda was a significant change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm which focused on lowering the rank of low-quality websites, or those with thin content. It was part of Google’s aim to reduce black hat SEO tactics and impacted search rankings for 11.8% of search queries in the US.

Why is this Important?

This is not anything that will impact your site as it has already happened, but it’s interesting to discover a new algorithm that has passed by undetected. As you can imagine, the SEO community had a lot to say about this mystery algorithm, here are some of the reactions:

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