Google Announced March 2023 Core Algorithm Update

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Google has announced the release of the March 2023 core update which will take around 2 weeks to complete the rollout. We share what you need to know and why this is important.

What is a Google Core Algorithm Update?

Google’s Core Algorithm Updates are changes made to Google’s search engine ranking algorithms that aim to improve the quality and relevance of search results. These updates can have a significant impact on website rankings and traffic. They can happen at any time and they update their algorithms regularly.

Some updates are minor and go unnoticed, whereas others are more significant (e.g., core updates) and can cause significant changes in search rankings.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

There are a couple of important things to keep in mind about Google’s core algorithm updates:

  • They’re designed to improve the quality and relevance of search results by better understanding the user’s search intent behind a search query and matching it with the most relevant content. It’s also helps to ensure that content found by the user is high-quality.
  • They can impact your website’s rankings. If your content and SEO practices don’t align with the latest update, you may notice a drop in rankings. Others will notice an increase in rankings and be rewarded for their high-quality, relevant content.
  • Even if you notice a drop in rankings, it’s not a penalty, its designed to improve the overall quality of search results.
  • If you’ve been negatively impacted then recovery is possible by producing high-quality, relevant content, and following SEO best practices.

Keeping up to date with Google’s Core Algorithm Updates is crucial because of the impact it can have on your website’s rankings.

March 2023 Core Update

Google will update it’s ranking release history page once rollout has been complete and search rankings will likely fluctuate during this period. It’s too early to understand the impact of this latest core update until close to completion, but we will provide updates accordingly as more details become available.

If you need help or are worried about the impact of this update, feel free to contact us to discuss it further.

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