Google Makes Digital Out-of-Home Ads Available in Display & Video 360 Campaigns

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Google has announced that all Display & Video 360 users will be able to expand their campaign to digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads. DOOH ads allow you to display media advertisements in public environments such as digital signage, billboards, and screens at bus shelters, airports, stadiums, shopping centres, and more.

This is a huge announcement as it allows you to engage audiences beyond online advertising, reaching people in their real-world journey with the efficiency of programmatic technology. Digital out-of-home helps brands engage with consumers at moments they make key decisions or take certain actions such as walking through a shopping centre.

It allows marketers to purchase ad space rapidly and efficiently. You can activate, pause, and optimise in near real-time, tackling everything from activation and strategy to reporting and optimisation all in one place. This is particularly effective for brands that have expanded internationally as it allows them to reach their global audience using a single tool.

Source: Google Marketing Platform

One of the world’s leading online fashion retailers, ASOS, has already started using digital billboards in heavy footfall areas to generate brand awareness.

Google explained: “ASOS used Display & Video 360 to quickly select digital billboards with the map UI and arrange relevant Programmatic Guaranteed deals with leading publishers like Intersection in the U.S. and JCDecaux in the U.K. This streamlined approach allowed the brand to lean on a central platform to buy, implement and measure their campaign. As a result, the team fast tracked the process of booking hundreds of digital billboards, generating 22 million viewed impressions across the two countries.”

If you want to find out more about how to get your message out with digital out-of-home in Display & Video 360, the team at GA Agency can help. GA Agency is an award-winning international digital marketing agency offering services such as digital ads and SEO consulting. If you’re an international brand this news is even more significant, and our agency has a multilingual team who can help you out.

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