Google Marketing Live 2023: Key Takeaways

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Every year, Google Marketing Live brings together marketers, advertisers, and industry leaders from around the world for an exclusive glimpse into the future of digital advertising. The future of Google is looking more AI-centred than ever before, and in this article we delve into the highlights and key takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2023.

Conversational Assistant for Search

A generated search bar will appear on Search and will use AI to create a personalised search experience while advertisers will be able to learn about the user’s behaviour. AI will create tailored answers and suggest the best products and services for the user. Furthermore, users will find what they are looking for more quickly and easily as AI will understand their intent and provide relevant results. This will be launching soon, with the exact date still to be confirmed.

Video View Campaign for YouTube

This new ad format will soon be available to all accounts, allowing advertisers to reach more users by combining multiple ad formats; skippable in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts. Previously, we haven’t been able to target Shorts, making this an exciting development for those looking to expand their reach. The campaign is expected to have a significant impact on the advertising industry, as it will provide advertisers with more options to connect with their audiences through engaging video content.

Demand Gen Campaign

This campaign type will allow us to tap into all of YouTube’s inventory, as well as Discover and Gmail. The focus of these campaigns is on visual appeal and entertainment value, making them more engaging for users. With automated video features available for in-stream and skippable ads on YouTube, advertisers can create highly effective ads with minimal effort. Another key feature of the Demand Gen Campaign is its ability to create new lookalike audiences and segment signals using AI. This allows advertisers to target their campaigns more effectively and reach a wider audience with greater precision.

Merchant Centre Next

Google is replacing Merchant Centre with Merchant Centre Next, which will make the process of setting up a product feed easier for those less tech-savvy while offering better insights for data-hungry retailers. Merchants can also edit products or turn the feature off entirely.

While the experience is dubbed as a “simplified one,” according to Google, “the features of Merchant Centre that larger retailers know and love won’t be going anywhere either”. Google is “committed to rolling out the new version at a responsible pace that brings users over when they can expect feature parity that meets their expectations.”

Additional Updates

  • Broad match brand controls are now available in beta.
  • Performance Max high-value new customer acquisition update and improved search term insights to give advertisers more transparency around how Performance Max is driving results.
  • Google Analytics 4 audience builder will allow advertisers to build new audiences from Google Analytics within their Google Ads account.
  • Product studio will allow ecommerce businesses to edit and enhance their images using AI.

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