Google Search Console’s New Features: Page Experience and Search Performance Reports

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With the new Google algorithm update being only a couple of months away, it is important for users to adequately prepare their website for the update. To help you make the most out of this algorithm update, Google has implemented new features on Google Search Console, useful to keep track of the Core Web Vitals metrics. With the so-called page experience report published by Google on April 19th 2021, you can find in-depth information on all you need to know to be ready for the update.

The report covers more in depth the following aspects:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Safe browsing
  • Intrusive interstitials
  • Core Web Vitals:
    • Loading Speed (Largest Contentful Paint) 
    • Interactivity (First Input Delay)
    • Visual Stability (Cumulative Layout Shift)


To read more about each component, the Core Web Vitals, and what the new Google algorithm update entails, check out our latest blog article on the Page Experience Google Update

What New Features did Google Add and What Does That Mean for Your Business?

Google is planning on updating its Search Performance Report on Google Search Console by enabling its user to filter pages with good page experience, to “help you keep track of how these pages compare to other pages on the same site,” (Google, 2021). 

Thanks to Google’s updated reports you can easily track your progress, measure how well your website is performing compared to that of competitors, and see how it will perform once the algorithm is rolled out in May/June 2021 (date to be determined). 

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To learn more about the type of support that GA Agency can offer you to get ready for the Google algorithm update, you can contact us or check out our SEO Consulting service page. 

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