Google Trends 2020: How did consumers’ behavior change?

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Google Trends recently published a summary of the most Googled terms and searches done by its users in 2020, which reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on everyday life. At GA Agency we enjoyed the video by Google Trends on the topic and decided to share it with our audience.

Google trends 2020 in the UK showed a shift in users’ interests and behaviors during the past months, which take into account the initial stages of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the adaptation, and hope for a return to normality. As working from home became the new normal, people had to learn how to work, learn and be productive from their desks.


With people stuck at home due to strict regulations, people became more reliant on at-home delivery (+500%) of products and services to avoid missing out on the small things in life.

The global pandemic was also an incentive for many to focus on fitness, health (eg. online yoga +1000%), improving their diet, and starting a new sustainable lifestyle. With gyms closed all over the world, online workouts became the new normal.

Despite lockdowns, people also learned to socialize online (+1000%) and to learn new skills for the future.

Finally, as Christmas approaches, searches reflect people’s desire to keep sharing important moments despite the situation.

We hope you enjoy the video!

Search insights obtained from Google Trends 2020 are now more important and valuable than ever and need to be leveraged to keep up to date with a continuously changing environment and consumer needs. Despite the high level of uncertainty, it is certain that digital adoption, accelerated by COVID-19, will significantly impact consumer behavior in the future. To stay on top of changing trends, we recommend keeping up with rising trends and leverage them through digital marketing

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