Google Now Writes Its Own Knowledge Panels: What Affect Could This Have?

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The content shown in Knowledge Panels on Google Search always came from third parties with a link to the source, mainly consisting of excerpts from Wikipedia, but sometimes other websites too. However, it’s now occasionally showing that it has been written by Google, suggesting that Google may be using AI or machine learning to write these knowledge panels, or even human writers. There has been a lot of discussions and speculations about this as Google dislikes AI-generated content, so it’s unknown how these are written.

Source: Google

Currently, it seems that they have started with cities, so if you were to search one of your favourite cities such as ‘London’ for example, you will see Google written knowledge panels citing themselves as the source.

What Affect Could This Have?

It’s difficult to understand if this change could significantly affect the number of clicks on Wikipedia and other websites that serve as the basis for knowledge panels. We know that Google is increasing their focus on providing searchers with central information about their query in the SERPS, hence why we have quick answers, knowledge panels, and areas such as ‘similar questions’ and ‘things to know’. This could have an impact on websites as these elements encourage no-click searches.

Google’s efforts to show information immediately in a bitesize format in the SERPs is beneficial for the searcher. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future, and whether it will have a long-term impact on the traffic to Wikipedia and other information sources from Google. As with all changes, it’s important to stay informed about the changes within SEO and understand the impact these changes could have.

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