How to Increase ECommerce Conversion Rate: Data-Backed Tİps

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Did you know that ecommerce sales reached 5.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2023 and that projections indicate a 39 % growth over the coming years?

As the world buys online more and more, your company surely wants a higher percentage of ecommerce sales. It is time to increase your ecommerce conversion rates to stay ahead of your competitors.

But how can we efficiently improve the ecommerce conversion rate?

Here are 9 concrete ideas that have proved their worth, based on consumer behaviour.

What Is A Conversion

Let’s begin by describing what a conversion is.

A conversion happens when a user takes an action on your website. Each entrepreneur or digital marketing team decides what they define as a conversion, generally actions that measurably impact their online business as ecommerce conversion.

As examples, a conversion may be:

  • When potential customers engage with pop-ups.
  • When potential customers subscribe to the newsletter.
  • When a product is added to the cart.
  • When items are added to a wishlist.
  • When social media shares occur.
  • When an online sale happens.

It can be any other action that reveals the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that you or your business find valuable.

What Is the Ecommerce Conversion Rate?

The ecommerce conversion rate, which is sometimes called “order rate”, “transaction rate”, or even “online store conversion rate”, is a measurement of the conversion rate for an ecommerce website.

It represents the percentage of visitors to your website who complete the desired action. Usually, the ecommerce conversion rate is associated with the percentage of visitors who make purchases on your website (the final and best action users can take on your ecommerce website!).

The ecommerce conversion rate is then represented by the following formula: 

Ecommerce conversion rate = orders / visits to your website

To accurately calculate your ecommerce conversion rate, it is necessary to divide the number of sales by the number of visitors.

If you have, for example, 1500 visits to your website, and in 34 of those visits, an order is made, then your ecommerce conversion rate will be 1500/34 = 0.02. Therefore, this website has a 2% conversion rate.

Person making an online purchase

What Is A Good Ecommerce Conversion Rate?

After determining what an ecommerce conversion rate is, let’s take a concrete example to understand what makes a good ecommerce conversion rate.

In September 2022, the Shopify analytics app, Little Data, conducted a survey on 3,306 stores of Shopify stores’ conversion rates.

Results revealed that the average conversion rate was 1.3%. This means that the stores of this study exceeding 3.2% were part of the best 20% of the stores benchmarked for conversion rate. By contrast, an ecommerce conversion rate of less than 0.2% was showing the worst 20% of stores.

Since then, various other studies have shown that ecommerce conversion rates seem to lie between 1% and 3% across industries. From 3%, the ecommerce conversion rate is seen as a really good benchmark to have.

How To Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate?

After understanding what a conversion is and what ecommerce conversion rate is, the goal is now to understand how to optimise this rate: this action is called Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

In other words, we are trying to find solutions to increase the number of conversions (sales, subscriptions, any other relevant actions for your business) on your website.

Here are our best tips to increase ecommerce conversion rate:

Reduce Buyer’s Anxiety

Customers have many advantages when buying online, but they cannot see or touch the products sold on your website. For this reason, additional assurances are necessary before purchasing.

To reassure consumers and boost your conversion rate, there are a variety of solutions to choose from:

Provide Clear Guarantee Policies

Creating a policy that takes into account seasonal variations and unusual events is crucial for people to trust your website and what you have to offer. 

About returns policy, for example, don’t forget to link them alongside your product information.

Make sure to clarify the return date and refund method via email. Keep your customer updated on his return status via email and/or SMS.

Share Customer Reviews With Images And Videos

Studies have demonstrated that the brain is capable of processing pictures and videos at multiple times the speed of text and that 65% of the population is actually visual learners.

Additionally, 90% of online shoppers have stated that videos are beneficial for their decision-making process. Including screenshots, pictures, and videos in your customer reviews is crucial if you want to improve your ecommerce conversion rate.

Create An Immersive Shopping Experience With AR

By using augmented reality, shoppers can now experience your products online in a new way. Your products are brought to life, purchasing confidence is increased, and customers are engaged.

Reduce Friction To The Minimum

Friction refers to any part of the user experience that might be confusing or difficult. Frictions can drastically affect your website conversion rate. Focussing on the following points is necessary to avoid it:

Simplify Your Checkout Flow

Complicated or overall bad checkout experience often results in abandoned carts. For example, too many steps between adding the product to the cart and payment confirmation often annoy customers. To simplify your checkout flow, employ the following methods:

  • Provide a guest checkout option since not all visitors have the time or inclination to create a customer profile.
  • Display a progress bar that shows the purchase progress, from the customer’s shipping information to the payment details.
  • Display trust seals to eliminate any doubt.
  • Ensure that discounts are automatically applied. (Users may forget the discount code they saw on your homepage or not copy and paste it correctly, which can cause them to lose time and abandon the cart.)

Write Helpful Product Descriptions

Authentic and engaging product content directly speaks to the potential buyers. Product descriptions that are helpful should include:

  • A clear and easy-to-read content, thanks to divisions based on the questions “Why”, “When”, “Who” and “How”.
  • Bullet points that for instance list the advantages of your service or product.
  • Icons and one-word highlights to convey the product’s unique value proposition.

Show Non-Intrusive and Compelling Pop-ups

To improve your ecommerce conversion rate, you will have to target the customers across the conversion funnel.Then, you’ll have to think about the type of content the pop-up will display to your customer.

Here are our expert tips:

  • For first-time customers, offer an extra percentage off on top of the existing sale.
  • For cart abandoners, create a limited-time offer such as a quantity discount.
  • For regular customers, provide a refill reminder with a suggestion for saving bundles. 

Make Your Live Chat Instantly Helpful

An efficient live chat can enable your customers to receive fast answers without having to call your service support over the phone. It is also usually faster than emails, social media chats, or forums.

An efficient live chat has to:

  • Use a welcoming text label.
  • Provide hyperlinks (for locating products, for instance, or links to resources that answer customers’ inquiries).
  • Allow customers to attach pictures and/or videos (particularly helpful when they want to demonstrate faulty products, for instance).

Expand your audience by making your live chat feature available in multiple languages.

Reduce Cart Abandonment With Attractive Cart Deals

Baymard Institute found that carts across all industries have an average abandonment rate of about 70.19%.

To improve your ecommerce conversion rate, you must take into account this issue and find solutions to prevent customers from adding items to their cart and then dropping them off.

In order to avoid the abandoned cart, it is important to offer attractive cart deals:

  • Feature a free gift wrapping. You can also offer a card with the option of writing a personalised note.
  • Set a number of points to earn from a certain amount spent.
  • Offer a gift at zero costs for a fixed amount spent.
  • Showcase last-minute discounts.

Optimise Your Website For Mobile Devices

According to Meg Hellerstedt, the Sylvane company’s President, mobile ecommerce is expected to account for around 70% of retail ecommerce sales and to have reached over $2 trillion in sales in 2024.

You can determine the significance of having a site that is accessible on mobile devices. 

To boost your conversions, you can try: 

  • To procure easy global navigation.
  • To provide clear call-to-action buttons (CTAs).
  • To use forward and backward pointing arrows that indicate moving forward and going back.
  • To offer fast load times.
  • To keep error messages short and nice.
  • To feature product filters at the top of the page.
  • To showcase mobile payment options.


If the first step of a well-founded ecommerce strategy is to increase traffic on your website, the real challenge is to convert your visitors into loyal customers and make them buy your products or your services. There are multiple approaches to enhance the conversion rate of ecommerce and transform potential buyers into repeat customers.

First, try to reduce buyer’s anxiety by providing clear guarantee policies, including images and videos in the customer’s reviews, or by creating a better shopping experience thanks to augmented reality.

Secondly, try to reduce friction by simplifying the checkout flow, writing helpful product descriptions, showing compelling pop-ups, and providing helpful live chat.

Lastly, make an effort to minimise cart abandonment by offering attractive cart deals, and don’t neglect to optimise your website for mobile devices!

Are you looking for more ideas to boost your ecommerce conversion rate? Get in touch with GA Agency for tailored solutions that fit your business needs.

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