How to Optimise Your Amazon Account for Prime Day 2022

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Amazon Prime Day is coming up next week on the 12th – 13th July 2022 in more than 20 countries, and along with it a whole host of opportunities to grow your business as an Amazon vendor.

In case you missed it, Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest sale of the year, with over 250 million items sold last year (worth $11.2 billion). In short, it’s a 2-day promotion for Amazon Prime members; whilst non-Prime Day offers are still available, the best discounts are exclusive to Prime Day and millions of users will flock to seek these out during the period.

So, the key question is how can you optimise your Amazon Ads account to get the most out of Prime Day? Read on for the key highlights. And if you would like some more tailored help optimising your Amazon account for Prime Day, feel free to get in touch with us at GA Agency.


First and foremost, deals are a MUST for Amazon Prime Day. Simply adding Prime Day promotions to your account is a guaranteed way to increase traffic and sales during Prime Day, with deals visible on the most accessed pages.  In particular, limited time offers perform best, increasing urgency, with tech being the most popular category for Prime Day deals.

Product Selection

Furthermore, the products you select to form your Prime Day inventory can have a huge impact on your Prime Day promotion sales. For this period, you should be pushing your most popular, best-selling products to the top, making the most of the increased traffic to directly increase sales. Additionally, these products should be well stocked, as a product that is low in stock is a limited opportunity for an Amazon vendor.

Advertising Tools

Making the most of Amazon’s advertising tools will help catapult your account to the masses on an ordinary day, but on Prime Day, Amazon Ads take on an even greater importance. Sponsored posts immediately jump to the forefront of the action, especially during the increased traffic on the website during this period. We recommend setting up an Amazon Ads campaign before the event to begin collecting data, then push the best performing ad groups during the period to maximise ROI. If you need any assistance with this process, we have a team of multilingual experts in Amazon Marketing ready to help you increase your return on investment for Prime Day.

High Quality Listings

The quality of an Amazon listing can hugely affect its conversion power. To be considered high quality, listings should always include as much detail as possible where the buying decision is made. This means including a descriptive details page with a strong title (concise & relevant, within 200 characters, containing: brand, product, material, colour, size) and a high-quality image featuring a white background & showing the product in its entirety. Descriptions should contain bullet points and highlight the most important information first, having considered the customers’ perspective and including attractive USPs. A good brand story may also help, complete with targeted keywords that take into consideration synonyms and alternate spellings.

Automated Pricing

Using Amazon’s automated pricing feature can have a couple of important benefits for your account. First and foremost, the automated pricing feature adjusts your price automatically to stay competitive to gain the most purchases. This is especially important over Prime Day, with increased competition and traffic to the site. Additionally, this setting can increase your chances of getting listed as a Featured Offer, with your products being shown at the top of the page, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

If you are concerned about the loss of pricing control- don’t be! Amazon allows vendors to set a minimum and maximum price threshold, so that you can be as competitive as possible whilst maintaining your profit margins.

Account Health

Your account health should be in top condition ready for Prime Day. This means monitoring health metrics to keep an eye on performance in the 3 main areas: policy compliance, customer service performance & shipping performance. If you notice any issues in these areas, you should act immediately before Prime Day to prevent any issues from affecting your Prime Day success.

If you would like professional help in building your Amazon Ads campaigns or other digital marketing services, please feel free to contact our international award-winning team.

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