How Instagram’s New Ads Format Update is Helping and Challenging Advertisers on Better Engagement with Instagram Users

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What is new on Instagram advertising? 

Over the summer, Facebook has announced its initial change in advertising ad formats on platforms Facebook and Instagram. By doing so, Facebook aims at making the mobile feed of ads more compressed, delivering a higher consistency through mobile feeds and story advertisements. The main changes include the ability to display less text on the mobile newsfeed to a limit of 3 lines, making it easier to digest information for mobile users who consume content through their smartphone screens. In addition, the maximum height for photos and videos is adjusted to 4:5 for mobile newsfeed. 

What does this mean for advertisers? 

This affects brands in ways to adhere to new standards set by Facebook across both Instagram and Facebook, following users’ digital consumption on these platforms. A key benefit for advertisers is creating ads that are almost full screen to the mobile user, creating momentum with consumers to engage with your ad with little to no distraction. Yet, such changes challenge marketers and content creators to be more creative with their images, videos as well as short, relevant and engaging copies that remain to create value for your potential customers. However, when executed properly, using high creativity and strong visual content, advertisers can benefit from high performing Instagram ads and gain more and betterqualified leads.

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