Rethinking Your Local SEO The Latest Update

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DECEMBER 3, 2019

Google My Business Local SEO The Update 

Despite the increasing importance of e-commerce, businesses are not allowed to neglect the importance of physical stores to translate a tangible brand experience. With this in mind, local SEO is sometimes being looked over, which could result in missing out on valuable leads if not being optimized properly with the right information about your business. Think of it as a consumer who is somewhere down the funnel, looking into places to purchase a product or find a service in a specific location. 

Providing clear information about opening hours, address, images of storefront and products, customers can continue to follow a seamless journey both online and offline. The trends that are currently changing the local SEO game are the increasing use of voice search using Google assistance, Alexa and Siri. Other trends to keep in mind is review management on these local SEO fronts, that are to date dominated by Google My Business

Impact on Advertisers 

What does this mean for advertisers? Although we see the significant importance of e-commerce, managing the leads towards physical stores through user experience and visibility remains quintessential to serve the needs of those customers. 

At GAE Agency, we have seen our clients experience significant uplifts in phone calls, website visits, and discovery views. For example, one of our clients was able to see improved engagement and increase of +110% in discovery, +78% in phone calls and +56% website visits. This shows the significant impact of the Local SEO and reminds advertisers and business owners of the importance of creating a seamless online and offline customer journey. 

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