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Put Your Polish Business on the Map with Local SEO Services

Milo cie poznac!

SEO is of great importance for online visibility within the Polish market. Are you also thinking about expanding your business to this country or have you already started your business in Poland? Then investing in SEO is a smart move.

Every year more and more Polish consumers shop online and the vast majority of the population uses Google’s search engine to search for information and shops. That is why it is very important that you can be found within this search engine. You can achieve this by paying attention to Polish SEO.

During search engine optimisation it is important to consider the regional languages that exist in Polish; there are five dialects to consider. Grammatical errors deter visitors, so it is essential that you always work with a native SEO specialist. GA Agency provide you with skilled in-house Polish SEO experts, who know exactly what Polish internet users value and, of course, how you could optimise your website to meet your business needs. Our Polish SEO consulting services allow us to provide results relevant to a searcher based on their current location.

With a population of nearly 38.5 million people, 84.5% of the Polish population are active internet users.

Among all search engines, Google dominates the search engine market, taking 98,44% of the total market share according to StatCounter.

The majority of Polish consumers take several factors into consideration when making a purchase decision. While a convenient price is still one of the most important factors, quality, added benefits, features are becoming increasingly important. Consumers show willingness to pay more for greater quality, convenient packaging, fast delivery, and good after-sale service. Our team recognises not only regional differences within Poland, but also looks at consumer behaviour, optimises your website and recommends the right keywords accordingly.


    We are fortunate to work with an experienced and skilled in-house SEO team including native Polish SEO experts and copywriters to support with your local SEO projects.


    We have 15+ of experience in SEO consulting. Our case studies showcase our expertise and the outstanding results we have delivered for our clients.


    We are trusted by the world’s best brands and our clients include Calzedonia, Expedia, Karl Lagerfeld, KIKO Milano and Technogym to name a few.

Why Do You Need Polish SEO Consulting?

Strong SEO-optimised content is still one of the most important ranking factors for Google and especially in Poland, good content is of enormous value. The Polish are a lot more reserved when it comes to making online purchases. By creating strong texts, images, infographics and videos, it is possible to encourage your Polish website visitors of your product of service.

If you want to reach the Polish audience, you need to be aware about the fact that simply translating your website into Polish won’t be sufficient to reflect the Polish reality or a truly local business. Our team includes native SEO specialists who are familiar with the Polish mindset and culture. We can identify the right keywords and phrases to avoid misleading translations. Besides the importance of having the right translations, creating unique marketing content is also crucial to be successful in Poland. We will guide you through the entire process by offering our expertise, experience, and skills.

Interesting Facts About the Polish Language

  • The Polish language is centred almost entirely around Polish, where it’s the official language with approximately 38 million native speakers.

  • Surrounding countries including the Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovakia also have sizable Polish minorities.

  • There are around 55 million Polish speakers across the world.

  • Polish is close to Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian languages.

  • Polish has five major dialects spoken in Silesia, Malopolska, Mazovia, Wielkopolska, and Kashubia.

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