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Are you looking for Russian SEO services? Our team can help you get more qualified leads and increased visibility with our local SEO services. We an help make your campaigns a success and put your business on the map.

Put Your Russian Business on the Map with Local SEO Services


SEO is of great importance for online visibility within the Russian market. Are you also thinking about expanding your business to this country or have you already started your business in Russia? Then investing in SEO is a smart move.

Every year more and more Russian consumers shop online and the vast majority of the population uses Google’s search engine followed by Yandex to search for information and shops. That is why it is very important that you can be found within this search engine. You can achieve this by paying attention to Russian SEO.


    We are fortunate to work with an experienced and skilled in-house SEO team including native Russian SEO experts and copywriters to support with your local SEO projects.


    We have 15+ of experience in SEO consulting. Our case studies showcase our expertise and the outstanding results we have delivered for our clients.


    We are trusted by the world’s best brands and our clients include Calzedonia, Expedia, Karl Lagerfeld, KIKO Milano and Technogym to name a few.

Why Do You Need Russian SEO Consulting?

In order to understand how to have a successful SEO campaign in Russia, you need to understand the search engines, language, culture and shopping habits. Even different parts of the country you want to target such as Central Russia or the Siberian area, need different strategies.

Yandex was the leading search engine in Russia, however, since Google entered the Russian market in 2006 it has taken over as the most popular. These are two very big search engine giants in Russia, so it’s important your SEO strategies take this into account..

Even though e-commerce is increasing and active in Russia, it’s not oversaturated, so it’s a very good time focus on your niche and target the Russian audience.

Interesting Facts About the Russian Language

  • Russian is the 8th most natively spoken language in the world with around 154 million native speakers.

  • It’s the official language in 4 countries; Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

  • Russian surnames vary by gender.

  • Russian nouns have genders.

  • The language is derived from Old East Slavic.

Some of Our Clients

Why Choose GA Agency for Russian SEO Consulting?

  • We are a boutique SEO agency with an international and multilingual SEO team

  • Proven track record of delivering results

  • Trusted by the world’s best brands

  • A tailored approach for your company, customer and industry needs

  • Your expert one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs

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