We Attended the First Search Central Event in Bucharest

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In Bucharest, the first-ever Search Central Event brought together over a hundred Romanian SEO professionals. Our Technical SEO Specialist, Ioana Nanu, was honoured to engage in several sessions and captivating discussions featuring prominent industry figures such as John Mueller and Martin Splitt.

Key Takeaways

Featuring a panel of 5 distinguished speakers, attendees were immersed in a wealth of expert insights and actionable strategies, delving into key themes including Search and AI advancements, in-depth analysis of traffic drops, a captivating Mythbusting Session, optimisation strategies for video and image SEO, and indispensable best practices tailored for e-commerce websites. 

Here are some key highlights:

  • Mythbusting in SEO: Martin Splitt debunked long-standing myths such as the impact of word count, domain age, and the preference for subdomains over subdirectories on search rankings.
  • AI Content Perception: Martin Splitt explored the perception of AI-generated content versus human-written content, highlighting that expertise in a topic plays a significant role in distinguishing between the two and ultimately tells the difference in rankings.
  • Video & Images SEO Best Practices: John Mueller shared best practices for optimising videos & images for search engines.
  • E-commerce SEO Focus: John Mueller highlighted essential strategies for e-commerce websites, the importance of properly setting up the Merchant Center, complying with shopping policies, and leveraging rich annotations for higher click-through rates (CTR).
  • AI Usage for Photos: John Mueller highlighted Google’s interest in labelling images as AI-generated to provide transparency to users.
  • Misinformation in the Context of Elections: A few publishers shed light on the emerging use of AI to create deep fakes. Especially in the context of this year’s elections, the talks provided insights on how to distinguish between fake news and factual information and how to stay safe from misinformation.

Ioana’s Take on the Event

Ioana shared her reflections on the event:

“Apart from my participation at the first Search Central Event in Bucharest, this was also the most significant SEO event that I have ever attended. It was a great opportunity for me to connect with new SEO professionals in the industry, as well as reconnect with former colleagues. The best part of this event was meeting John Mueller and Martin Splitt in person and being immersed in interesting insights and updates on SEO.

One thing I have been reflecting on ever since is AI. With AI being a hot topic for the past few years, I could see a lot of talks revolving around its use in various forms. This reinforced the idea that, as SEO professionals, we not only need to quickly adapt to these changes to stay in the game, but also find ways to leverage it to our advantage. A lot of professionals chose the easy way out with AI lately and this is reflected in their rankings.”

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