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GA Agency

GA Agency is a boutique 360-degree digital marketing agency based in London, U.K., Italy, and Singapore, that started as SEO Agency in 2013. Our Italian speaking team has 15+ years of experience in providing SEO, Content Marketing and Link building services. 

We work with multinationals and Fortune 500 companies as well as startups in a variety of industries, such as fashion, travel, furniture, cosmetics, fitness, to name a few. We have done SEO projects with Technogym, KARL, Expedia, CALZEDONIA, Prada, KIKO Milano, Molteni&C..and others.

Our Team & Service

Our team combines the best talent with experiences in SEO, Content Marketing and Linkbuilding working at Google, Expedia, Accenture, adidas, Swedbank, KIKO Milano, Agencies and startups. 

If your business has a presence in Italy and you would like to be ranked highly on Italian language searches on (94% of all searches in Italy), then do read on about our highly effective approaches and personalized strategies can help your business. The Italian language is fairly complex in comparison to others and in-depth skills and experience. We can maximize your ROI, online visibility and reach your target audience.

SEO Consulting 

Our SEO Consulting approach is tailor-made for each company and website.

We utilize the latest SEO parameters that include domain and page authority, approval rating and Google indexability, among others, to give our clients the maximum possible ROI.

Link Building & External Content Marketing

Throughout years collaborating with numerous publishers we have gathered a database of more than 2,000+ publishers, writers, and bloggers. We have a strong Italian publisher network that can provide high-quality links from relevant and premium quality sites in the Italian language. The publishers are manually selected so that paid. content or guest posting is not evident. We study competition to create the best performing link building strategy tailored to your company’s needs. The URLs linking back to the website are natural and efficient. None of links created are spam nor rented, thus, waiving you of recurring monthly rental costs. Our proven approach has been tested over years and delivered high impact results.

Internal Content Marketing (Copywriting)

Our experienced Italian speaking copywriting team will gladly help your company to establish its brand and visibility online. We write clear, sentimental and engaging content, product descriptions and blogs. We offer not only writing the content but also performing keyword research to match search queries on Google and ensuring the attributes match the Google Featured Snippet requirements, and optimize for SEO with metadata, hyperlinks and media optimizations.

At the heart of Italian SEO Consulting, link building and copywriting is the maximization of the exposure of Italian websites by the recognition and mastery of Italian search engine needs. Approaching customers in their local language shows an understanding of them and the market. With over 70 million Italian first-language speakers globally, tapping into the Italian market presents a significant business opportunity. We aim to increase sales from the target audiences in a user-friendly way that emphasizes easy access and discovery of our client’s services and/or products.

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