GA Agency Announces Renewing Contract With Alpitour

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GA Agency, a London based 360-degree boutique digital agency, announces extending work with Alpitour on SEO consulting, copywriting, and copy marketing

Mary Restuccia, Alpitour Web Manager, says regarding the partnership: “The relationship of trust has been built over time thanks to meticulous attention to the daily activities and to the seriousness of all the people who work in GA Agency. Each call is a moment of confrontation and is a growth on both sides. Their experience, professionalism and competence does the rest “

While Guido Ampollini, the founder of GA Agency, says: “We are really happy to continue the collaboration with the most successful travel operator in Italy. GA & Alpitour team reached incredible results over the last three years and this year we are going to do even better.”

Alpitour is an Italian market leader in the tour operator business with over 1 billion euro yearly revenue. The collaboration between Alpitour and GA dates back to 2017, yet this time GA will be supporting the technology and content teams, in addition to the content marketing managed by the agency. In addition, GA will collaborate with top publishers in the travel industry to increase Alpitour brand awareness.

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