SEO Trends 2024: The Latest Impactful Practices

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In the world of SEO trends, it’s easy to get swept up in the search for the next groundbreaking solution to rank on the first page. You might overlook the tried-and-true methods that have been around for a while in the process. Yet, balancing both the newest trends with the established practices is key to navigating SEO.

In this article, we will cover some of the latest SEO trends and what is predicted for 2024. We will also discuss how you can take advantage of impactful practices that have stood the test of time and are now more relevant than ever.

AI is Becoming a More Integral Part of SEO

We are a few months into 2024, and we can already see the impact AI has had on the industry. You can now find artificial intelligence incorporated in a wide range of forms, from keyword research to creating content at scale. It is shaking up the industry, and as the technology is quite new, we are still figuring out if it is an opportunity or a threat. Below, we will cover some ways the latest SEO trends in AI are becoming more integral in 2024.

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

One of the hottest Google SEO trends is the introduction of its own AI-powered search tool. These results are AI-generated and appear at the top of the SERP, which looks similar to the featured snippet SERP feature. This tool is designed to enhance user interactions by delivering clear and concise answers to questions the user searches for. Currently, this tool is not available worldwide, but it is predicted to become a part of the SERP feature in more countries in 2024. 

As this tool is still very new, it is hard to say how we can get results from it. However, there are a few steps we can take to prepare for SGE by producing content that directly answers a user’s query with insightful answers, which is a proven method for relevant content in the SERP.

Producing Content at Scale

AI, such as ChatGPT, is commonly used in content creation today. According to Forbes, actually, 52% of business leaders produce content with the support of AI. However, in SEO there has been a question of late if content produced by AI is a good idea. It is important to remember that AI produces content based on what already exists. It does not create completely new content. Even if the content seems to be unique and relevant, it is important to apply the human touch. After all, the content is produced for humans to read.

As more and more companies and professionals incorporate AI in content production at a rapid pace, it is good to know its limitations but also how to incorporate it to speed up the process. AI can be great for providing content ideas, keyword research, turning paragraphs into bullet points, summarising content, and more. By using AI in marketing without relying too heavily on it, content production can be accelerated, and the process can be significantly streamlined in 2024. 

Optimising for Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO)

Although not specifically an SEO trend, Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO) is equally relevant. It is a specialised approach to content optimization that focuses on providing direct answers to user queries, particularly through AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT, Google SGE, and many more. 

Why should we care?

AEO is crucial because AI and chatbots are changing how users search for information. To succeed in this activity, marketers should pay more importance to optimising content for AEO. However, AEO should go hand in hand with traditional SEO tactics. Create clear, concise, and structured content that addresses common questions, utilise conversational keywords, and maximise visibility on SERP features. This will ensure that your SEO efforts remain relevant in the era of AI-driven search.

Alternative Search Engines

Users, especially younger generations, are using alternative search engines to search for information. This is not a new SEO trend in 2024, as we have seen this shift in the last few years. However, the use of alternative search engines has really taken off this year, and as SEOers, we need to adapt.

It is important to remember that we optimise content for the user, not the search engine. And yes, Google is greatly important and will still play a very big role. Yet, we need to adapt our strategies to where the users are whether it’s on Google, TikTok, YouTube, or elsewhere. 

We have also seen in the last few months that Google is incorporating more and more content from external search engines in the SERP, such as displaying TikTok videos, Reddit forums, and more. As Google is adapting to these changes, shouldn’t we do the same?

To prepare for these SEO trends today, take the time to research your users: where they search, how they search, and what kind of content format they enjoy. Incorporating alternative search engines in your SEO strategy could be in the form of optimising captions on TikTok, including optimised titles, descriptions, and a compelling thumbnail on Youtube, or incorporating schema markup to help Google with finding your content.

Zero-Click Searches 

Another increasingly relevant SEO trend spotted in the past two years is zero-click searches, where users find answers directly on the search engine results page (SERP) without clicking through to external websites.

Semrush Zero-Click Study found that, on desktop, over 25% of searches resulted in zero clicks (this number rises to 57% on mobile), indicating that users often find answers directly on the SERP. This shift in user behaviour poses challenges for marketers aiming to capture user attention and engagement online.

Users may not click on search results due to Google’s enhanced SERP features, such as knowledge panels and local packs, which provide quick answers for queries related to local businesses, conversions, or public figures. 

To adapt to this SEO trend, one way for digital marketers to succeed is to focus on securing featured snippets for queries that commonly result in zero clicks. Targeting informational keywords and optimising content for featured snippets can also improve brand recognition and increase the likelihood of clicks.

Search Intent and Relevant Content

We have previously heard that content is king, which might have to step aside as it is predicted that search intent will be king in 2024. Search intent in SEO is now a focus in Google’s most recent Quality Rating guidelines. One of the Google SEO trends in 2024 is definitely intent. With the latest core updates rolling out, Google is focusing more and more on insightful content that exists to provide relevance, not content that just exists to rank. 


When content creators produce content, remembering experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) is crucial today, as it is already one of the current SEO trends. Content can no longer exist just to rank. It needs to either provide a solution, provide in-depth knowledge, answer queries, or produce new information that is relevant to the user. 

Topical Authority

This topic ties in nicely with E-E-A-T as the latest-ish addition of the additional E (experience) is becoming increasingly more focused on SEO strategies for providing clear expertise on topics that are relevant to the brand and the website. This does not mean that if you produce several articles on a topic, you are sure to rank well, the content needs to be of high quality with clear expertise.

Focus on identifying clear topics that align with the business and where the company has depth of knowledge. Produce several content pieces on different aspects of the topics, each providing relevance that aligns with E-E-A-T. This increases your authority in your desired field and chances of ranking, as Google prioritises authoritative content in the SERP.

Link Building and Link Quality

Building links has been an SEO strategy for decades; however, the current digital landscape is definitely changing. According to the latest SEO trends, it is crucial to have an extensive link-building strategy in place that focuses on increasing the site’s domain authority and ranking higher in the SERP.

How Google views backlinks has changed in the last few years? In the past, Google just looked at them like numbers (the more, the merrier). Today, however, this is not the case. The algorithm now focuses on quality and authoritative backlinks, and it understands the context of links.

This means that one high-quality link from a trustworthy site in your field has much more impact than 20 links from unknown sites. Tap into 2024 latest SEO trends and identify what referring domains your competitors are getting links from. Assess whether they are relevant to your own site and focus on quality over quantity.

The Evolving Importance of Technical SEO

Content, content, and only content? Nothing could be further from the truth. In the past, on-page optimisation has taken more of a priority in SEO. But as we have discussed above, Google is becoming more advanced and is now focusing more on the quality of the whole website rather than just the content.

UX (user experience) is becoming more and more important to Google, and it now prioritises websites that are technically optimised. This also includes page speed, mobile responsiveness, and a clear website structure. 

Summary of the Latest SEO Trends

The landscape of digital marketing can be unpredictable. Embracing the latest SEO trends while maintaining established practices is essential for visibility, credibility, and competitiveness in search rankings.

By understanding and adapting to emerging innovations like AI integration and alternative search platforms, marketers can navigate the evolving SEO domain with confidence, ensuring their content remains impactful and relevant in 2024 and beyond.

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