GA Agency Announces a New Collaboration with SUNDEK

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GA Agency is excited to announce the start of a new collaboration with SUNDEK, supporting them with Google Ads (Shopping, Remarketing & Text Ads), Data Analysis and Social Commerce (Facebook & Instagram) for the US market.


SUNDEK is a surf brand specialising in swimwear apparel and accessories for men, women and children. It was founded in 1958 in San Francisco and became known for its trademark multi-stripe and triple-stitched, two-ply nylon shorts, created specifically for surfing. It was one of the first brands of its type and they were early sponsors of many young surfers, which promoted the brand and the sport which was relatively new at the time and was becoming a sought-after lifestyle. As the brand evolved, the product continued to improve, establishing themselves well in the market.

This iconic surf brand offers a variety of products including swim shorts, board shorts, bikinis, swimsuits, beach accessories and footwear through department stores, exclusive boutiques and online.

The iconic SUNDEK logo is well-known amongst surfers worldwide, however as they offer a range of different products, they are perfect for the whole family.

GA Agency Collaboration

Both GA Agency and SUNDEK are excited about this collaboration and will be working closely together to grow SUNDEK further within the US market.

Our experienced international team of specialists will be providing the following digital marketing services:

  • Google Ads (Shopping, Remarketing & Text Ads)
  • Data Analysis
  • Social Commerce (Facebook & Instagram)

This is an exciting collaboration and we are looking forward to producing outstanding results for our new client.

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