Our Founder, Winner in the Touchpoint Engagement Awards 2023

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We are proud to share that our founder, Guido Ampollini, has been awarded the prestigious “Boarding Pass” award at the Touchpoint Engagement Awards 2023. This is a highly coveted award that’s awarded to an Italian entrepreneur that has founded a successful company abroad. The awards ceremony held in Milan was a memorable evening and a great achievement.

About the Touchpoint Engagement Awards

The Touchpoint Engagement Awards recognise outstanding projects in various domains, including PR, Digital, Live Communication, Experience Design, Branded Entertainment, Promo, Employer Branding and Internal Communication, Loyalty, and Influencer Marketing. These awards acknowledge the ability to engage audiences and effectively utilise different touchpoints to drive loyalty, growth, and participation.

Our Founder’s Success Story

As this award has been presented to Guido for his success and drive as an entrepreneur, we wanted to share more about his journey and how he has led the agency to unprecedented success on the international stage.

Guido’s leadership and invaluable guidance have played a pivotal role in propelling our agency to unparalleled heights of growth. Since its inception four years ago, GA Agency has rapidly emerged as a dominant force in the digital realm, thanks to Guido’s strategic foresight and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Prior to establishing GA Agency, Guido honed his craft while working for renowned industry giants such as Google and Expedia. During his tenure at these prominent organisations, he immersed himself in the intricacies of digital and tech, cultivating an unparalleled understanding of these domains.

Armed with his extensive experience and profound knowledge, Guido has successfully built and nurtured GA Agency, empowering businesses across diverse industries. His unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results has solidified his reputation as a catalyst for success, helping businesses transcend boundaries and achieve unprecedented growth in the digital landscape.

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