Twitter Plans to Add E-commerce Capabilities and Buy Button

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In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer, Ned Sagal, said that Twitter is planning on launching a “buy button” to its adverts. That is planned in the near future, to allow users to make purchases without leaving the platform. The aim is also to allow business profiles to have buy buttons on them, as “commerce is an important part of our long-term strategy”.

Furthermore, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter stated that the digital currency is “a big part of” Twitter’s future, suggesting that bitcoin could possibly be a means of facilitating online shopping and subscription payments. 


See below an example from Yasser Masood.

The new eCommerce Twitter card contains product title, code, price and “Shop” button. The shoppable card is currently being tested in the EMEA: Europe, Middle East and Africa region and on Android devices only.

Twitter is experimenting with various layouts and styles, thus, the above might not be the final look. However, judging from their several presentations on Analyst Day that mentioned eCommerce projects, it does give a clear indication of where the brand is headed towards. eCommerce might not be here yet but is definitely coming our way.

This can be explained by the fact that its competitors, like Facebook, Instagram, Google already have their eCommerce capabilities, and others, like Snapchat are rolling them out as we speak. 

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