UCLA Partner with GA Agency on the Impact of AI on the Digital Industry

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The digital marketing industry is witnessing a transformative wave driven by advancements in generative AI technology. To navigate this uncharted territory and seize opportunities for growth, we will be partnering with renowned researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for a comprehensive field study into the impact of AI on the digital marketing industry. Students from UCLA will work with the team at GA Agency over the next 5 months to research about how AI will change digital agencies way of working in the next 2 to 3 years.

What are the Main Goals?

The primary objective of the 2023 UCLA GAP (Global Access Program) team is to address a fundamental question:

What can GA Agency do within the next 3 years to adapt to changes in the marketplace driven by developments in generative AI technology?

To achieve this goal, the research project will delve into the current state of AI, its impact on the digital marketing industry, and devise actionable recommendations for us to integrate AI solutions strategically and grow our global client base.

How Will We Gain a Comprehensive Understanding?

To achieve a comprehensive understanding of the evolving industry and AI technology, a robust research methodology has been devised, encompassing both primary and secondary research. Primary research will involve in-depth interviews with our existing and potential clients, digital marketing competitors, AI companies, and industry experts. This will be complemented by secondary research, drawing insights from reliable databases, market outlook reports, and reputable sources such as Bloomberg and Capital IQ.

The research process will be guided by three key frameworks: Disruption Theory, Technology Acceptance Model, and Social Cognitive Theory. These frameworks will lend structure and depth to the market research, enabling the team to unearth crucial insights and potential trends.

Five hypotheses about the impact of AI have been formulated to initiate the primary research activities:

  • AI will disrupt the digital marketing landscape, redefining conventional marketing strategies and channels.
  • Clients will recognise the compelling advantages of incorporating AI into their digital marketing efforts.
  • To survive and thrive as a digital marketing agency, AI capabilities need to be seamlessly integrated.
  • The widespread adoption of AI in digital marketing will lead to industry fragmentation as businesses pursue specialised AI-driven approaches.
  • The implementation of AI in digital marketing may face significant challenges due to emerging regulations in the field.

UCLA x GA Agency Partnership

The partnership between us at GA Agency and UCLA presents an exciting opportunity to explore the transformative potential of AI within the digital marketing industry. As the research progresses, it is evident that the insights and recommendations from this project will enable us to embrace change, leverage AI-driven strategies, and cement our position as an industry leader. The results of this study will not only influence our trajectory over the next 2-3 years but will also contribute valuable knowledge to the broader marketing community on the inexorable impact of AI on businesses. Together with UCLA, we are poised to navigate the AI-driven future with innovation, adaptability, and a pioneering spirit.

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